The Power of Everyday Rituals

The performance of rituals in regards to manifesting a desired outcome relates directly to the principles of thought energy. Intent and belief are focused through the use of rituals and transformed into thought energy. Whether the rituals involved are prayer, the performance of intricate spells, the lighting of candles or incense before meditation, the effect remains the same. Ritual helps to focus thought energy.

We perform rituals every day, most of which take a less esoteric nature than the ones described above but nonetheless serve to focus energy on a desired outcome. The morning cup of coffee has become a sort of ritual. Many people, myself included, feel that a cup of coffee or tea in the morning helps to “start the day”. Without the ritual, the day seems to start off in a bad direction. Caffeine addiction aside, the ritual serves a purpose which is missed when it is not performed. It helps to ease into the day, provides a bridge between sleep and complete alertness.

As a means of connecting to the higher or spiritual self, the performance of rituals provide a valuable route. Whether your daily rituals involve going for a morning stroll, reading quietly, exercise or meditation, finding the time to still the mind allows for the spiritual self to be heard.

The combination of intent and ritual creates a powerful tool for manifesting a desired outcome. Thoughts which are focused on a specific desire and united with the intentions of ritual create very strong thought energies, energies which have the power to shape reality.

Why not combine intent with the rituals that you already indulge in? Focus on a desired outcome every morning while you drink your coffee or tea. Visualize improvements in your life while taking the evening stroll. Look for solutions to your problems while working out at the gym. Take advantage of those simple, daily rituals by incorporating intent and positive thought energy into the routine