Your Sacred Live Foods will not save you from your mind



Brother Sage

People think that because they maintain a certain lifestyle or diet, like Live Foods that they are some how protected from dis-eases, negative emotions and self-destrucitve tendencies. Truth is the greatest cause of all death on the planet does not come from the SAD American Diet, or AIDS, Heart Dis-ease, Cancer,etc. 200 year old whale

The Greatest cause of Death on the Planet (greater than all “known causes” combined) is THE BELIEF THAT DEATH IS INEVITABLE. When we still have the Unconscious Death Urge and Desire to Die or Leave The Planet and all our loved ones to get rid of all the misery we create in our minds and souls, then not only WILL YOU DIE, but your Sacred Live Foods will not save you. Yes you can eat “all the right foods.” You can fast and do purification or detox programs. You can get healing from the great Healers, Shaman, Kahunas and Medicine Men/Women. Until you free your mind of the Unconscious Death Urge and all your loyalty to Deathist Mentality, Deathist Thinking and Deathist Activities, your days ARE numbered.

Only the continual practice of absorbing yourself with LIFE AFFIRMING IDEAS, LIFE SUPPORTING FRIENDS, POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS, AND RAISING THE QUALITY OF YOUR THOUGHTS WHILE ABSOLUTELY COMMITING TO BEING ALIVE, CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. Yes Live Foods People get Sick, Age and Die. However a Live Foods Person who is Physically Immortal, Studies Immortality Philosophy and Teachings( Immortal Masters like Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray and Sage Stewart), and surrounds themselves with A Community Of Physical Immortalists will have An Everlasting Live of Radiant Aliveness, Youthing and True Abundance in all areas of their life.

The missing link in all great so-called Spiritual Paths and The Live Foods Path is the Path of Being Physicallly Immortal. And Anyone who is miserable now will actively resist your suggestion that they may live to be 100, 200 or possibly 1000 or more years of age. Fortunately with the breathroughs in Anti-Aging Nutrition, “experts” are now telling us that a lifespan of 150 to 200 years of age is now possible. And they even stretch the Life Span Envelope in articles like one in a tabloid recently that presented the idea that we may “someday” be able to live 5000 or more years.

And yes in the same body. So dear friends of Life, Free Your Mind ( True Independence Day) of all Illusions and Myths about Aliveness and Immortality, Open up to the possibility that YOU MAY ALREADY BE IMMORTAL UNTIL YOU CAN PROVE OTHERWISE. And not the other way around. If Dr Li, The Goji Berry Juice drinker who lived 252, could live this long in Best of Health, This could be your childhood years. And you would never have a mid-life crisis because your perpetual Life would not have a half way point. Remember Your thoughts are more powerful than the food you eat. Even Live Foods.

Forever Yours

Brother Sage