1,000 Turtle Doves Fall From Sky, Italy

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Italy has been the latest addition to the constant flux of birds falling from the sky as authorities suggest something fowl is going on beyond explanation.  The birds constantly plummeting from the sky are happening in massive numbers and with no real known explanation.  As they continue to move from the skies to the headlines, these birds are only the latest flock to flutter right into the fears of the world’s news outlets.  And authorities are still unsure if this is merely coincidence, or something more fowl.

The more than 700 Turtle Doves were discovered first a couple of days ago and are being tested for a mysterious blue stain on the insides of their beaks.  With more questionable animal die offs, the parallels being discovered are more than a little disturbing.  Far from the traditional cattle mutilations and mysterious “chupacabra” attacks, the mass bird die offs are implanting themselves in the hearts and minds of people in a way that suggests an entirely alien and disturbing reality.  And as the mystery continues to deepen, more than a few patterns have shown up.

The most noteworthy pattern in this latest slew of animal slayings is the fact that the creatures for the most part happen to die with a disturbing level of uniformity.  It isn’t simply a flock of 1,000 birds that has died in Italy, but a flock of 1,000 Turtle Doves with only a few pigeons mixed in.  In Beebee Arkansas it wasn’t just a slew of blackbirds that fell from the sky but a specific species of red winged blackbirds.  Nearby, flocks of other wild bird species collapsed from the skies without any sign of harm coming to them.  And this pattern seems to follow the fish as well.  Just north of Beebee it wasn’t just fish that died, but a school of Kettle fish.  Why are all these creatures dropping dead all at the same time?  And why do they seem to be the same species so often?

One thing it suggests is that whatever is affecting these animals is affecting them by the flock.  Since it wasn’t “every bird in Beebee” or “Every fish in Italy” but rather “One massive flock of red wing blackbirds in Beebee,” and “One massive school of kettle fish” it seems that something affected only these creatures while others nearby were left perfectly intact.  But what could be causing it?  How could every bird from one flock (or more reasonably the majority of that flock) die off while others are unharmed?  What could be so devastating and secret and yet leave the rest untouched?

Wildlife experts have their own share of explanations.  Some have suggested the extreme cold suddenly setting in could be a possible cause for some of the die offs, especially in the cases of fish.  Others say it could be a series of coincidences.  And there are those too who say we notice these massive creature die offs simply because it’s in our minds.  And when something is in the minds of so many people, the pieces of a vast and frightening puzzle are put together that may or may not be an accurate representation of the facts.

But there are other theories.  Some have suggested a new troubling force entering our world that swoops down under the cover of darkness and kills entire flocks of creatures in the dead of night, leaving nothing behind but devastation and a massive mystery.