100,000 Mysteriously Dead Fish Next to Dead Birds

Beebee Arkansas is making headlines yet again after thousands of birds dropped from the sky on New Year’s day dead.  The event was considered by some to be one in a million and exceedingly strange.  But it seems that the mystery of the quickly dying animals of this peaceful Arkansas town is only deepening as thousands of fish , all of the same species , were discovered dead on the banks of a nearby river as well.

One type of creature suddenly dying off in massive numbers is incredibly strange.  Two different types of creatures of specific species is far stranger.  The drum fish were discovered dead in massive numbers on the banks of the Arkansas river and have some experts scratching their heads over just what the cause could be and if the two incredibly unlikely events could somehow be related.  With the planet’s ecology in constant flux, these two events are naturally causing controversy in ecological preservation circles as well.  But if the explanation seems as simple as a contaminated water supply, hold on.  Wildlife officials say this isn’t likely as only one specific species of fish.  Of course it was also only one specific species of bird that died as well.  If another mass die off of animals occurs within the next few days, some are proposing a massive and rapid investigation into just what this mysterious cause could be and whether it could somehow jump to humans.

Other blackbirds have been reported in the area around Beebee Arkansas, however.  Though a single massive die of did occur, the streets are not entirely removed of birds.  Sources have not indicated whether or not there are additional kettle fish in the area, but the fact that some 100,000 were killed suggests there may have been more that survived.  Imagine a hundred thousand fish dying of mysterious causes in your town soon to be followed by birds.  The first question you would immediately ask would be “is it related” and “is it dangerous to humans?”  No word has officially broken on whether or not this is the case as the cause of death is still being investigated.

As this story is still developing there is still a great deal of speculation.  And nowhere does speculation thrive better than on the Internet where rumors are circulating of involvement of aliens, the government, mystical cults, chemical distributors, fiendish fluoridators, and even the geomagnetic field of the Earth.  But whether the cause is a cloaked alien vessel or a mysterious new disease, wildlife officials certainly have their hands full.

Of course this is one of the first news stories of the year 2011 that has many people concerned.  And one has only to look at the news about this time in 2010 to realize that this coming year is shaping up to be a strange one indeed already.  Fortunately, we will be here to bring you updates on any new facts that may arise as this strange story continues to develop.