1986 Unidentified Object Plunges Into Victor Harbor, Australia

RAAF has no plans to seek car-sized UFO

An unidentified flying object much bigger then a family car” is lying at
the bottom of Encounter Bay Victor Harbor, after plummeting to earth soon after
midday on Saturday.

The object, unofficially logged as a meteorite by the RAAF base at Edinburgh,
was seen by dozens of people from as far south as post MacDonnell in the
South-East and south-Western Victoria.

Senior Constable G.A. Clemow, of Beachport, said he and several other
Beachport people had seen a large, smoke colored vapor trail left by the object
as it speed past at cloud height.

The trail had taken more then five minutes to begin dispersing. Sen Const
Clemow said a thornleigh farmer Mr.Neil Sutherland, had told him the object
looked like a rocket, with a propeller-like device at the rear, fins and a fair
bit of red paint.

Mr.Sutherland had described the fast-moving tube as much bigger then a family

Beachport resident Mr Gary Chambers said he had seen the object for only a
few seconds as it came down.

It looked like a falling star, but in broad daylight, Mr Chambers said it was
very high up I thought it burned up above the horizon.

Mr George Thorn, of Victor Harbor said his wife had seen the object falling
towards the sea. Moments later, though binoculars, he had seen what he thought
at the time to be a very large red and white boat bobbing up and down in the
heavy swell, about five kilometres offshore.

It had sunk monents later and three boats found nothing.

Police and RAAF Officials said they knew of no plans to look for the object,
lying in at least 20 fathoms of water.

A department spokesman in Adelaide said no RAAF Hercules had reported
anything and there was no sighting on any radar screens. He said the department
would investigate but he knew only what had been reported. He said he was
curious about a witness who described the object as looking like a “cruise

What does a cruise missile look like I work in defence I’ve never seen one,
he said as for the chance that the object was an extraerrestrial that not show
up on radar, the spokesman said with a chuckle: “There’s a possibility it
could be anything, if in fact there is something, but at the moment we know