2012 Contributing to Disaster Preparedness Market

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December 21st 2012 is one of the most cited future dates since the millennium first turned over.  But just as many suggested that date was no more spiritually significant than an odometer turning over.  But just as we thought the year 2000 may have brought an end to civilization, a new and perhaps even more intense way of looking at the future has started sprouting up.  And people are starting to invest.

What would you do if you thought civilization as a whole might be coming to an end in the foreseeable future?  Where might you go?  What sorts of things would you recommend to friends and family?  Consumers have increasingly shown their support of 2012 theories by investing in shelters, investing in commodities such as precious metals, long-term food storage, and even space in microcosmic underground cities.

Vivos, a company promising to whisk renters to safety in an underground facility in the event of a massive apocalyptic cataclysm is now seeing increased competition from consumers wishing to give up the shared living conditions that rely on a vast infrastructure that could become unpredictable in times of global change in favor of smaller more controlled and private shelters designed for one or two families and buried underground or built into the foundation of homes.

But shelter is only one of a vast number of things that may become a matter of concern it the devastating effects of 2012 are even a shadow of the film of the same name.  There is also the matter of food, which has resulted in a backlog of number ten cans from major producers who are taking bulk sales from big name buyers in 2011.  And while the names of these buyers remains secret, there has been no end to the speculation – with FEMA topping the list.

Strangely, water is not seeing quite the same boom as food and shelter, with most consumers having never lived in a world where water could fall under the same shortages and be just as perilous as the others.  Or perhaps it has.  There has been a considerable push to purchase water from public bodies by large private corporations and organizations.

So are fears of a coming apocalypse or other major global event helping shape the financial future?  Even uncertainty over our currency (financial doom as some would call it) has manifest in the mainstream as a market force with gold and silver prices rising significantly in the past year and finally breaking the $40 “ceiling” many said it would never pass in early 2011.

But before you follow the money too far on this, keep in mind these trends follow public perception and not necessarily the end all facts on the matter.  Even the market will not be able to solve the mystery of what will happen on December 21st, 2012.