A Brief History of Levitation

For centuries the art of levitation has been taught as a means of manifesting spiritual power and ascension of the body over the physical environment around the subject.  But as it is a technique that has had hundreds of years of practice, where are its practitioners?  And what are the parlor tricks demonstrated by some claiming to be genuine levitators?

Quite possibly the most famous person alive today who reportedly has the ability to levitate is magician David Blaine.  Of course he is a self confessed magician and entertainer and does not consider himself a true magician.  Levitation has been practiced for centuries as an illusion through various means.  One such method is by the use of a stool attached to a sturdy pole and a staff to be held in the hands.  The staff is held in the hand to give it the appearance of being nothing more than a simple walking stick while the levitator sits atop the platform with long robes draped over the platform giving it the appearance that he is actually hovering several feet off the ground.  The base of the platform is typically buried or placed beneath a stage.  And generally the levitator is shrouded both when he gets on and when he gets off the platform and then emerges from this partition to show the audience the “walking stick” he was holding.  In reality the walking stick is a surrogate designed to look like the foundation of the platform.

But are there actual people practicing the ancient art of levitation?  Accounts dating back to before the time of Christ tell of shamans and holy men who not only levitate a few feet off the ground, but actually soar into the air with no trees around for them to be suspended by thin strands of thread from both during the day and at night.  People have not only been said to possess the ability to levitate, but accounts from mythology and legend suggest people flying as well.  But if this is the case, why have none been documented in contemporary times?  Is it an exceedingly rare trait?  Or is it merely a parlor trick designed to entertain onlookers and receive a donation?

In reality, the practice of levitation is largely unknown, but various governments including the United States have studied it at one point or another with varied conclusions drawn.  With the wide popularity in the military underground of such programs as the psychic experiments conducted in Moscow and Virginia in the 1970’s and as recently as 1996 (with the possibility of even more recent experiments still being kept under wraps).  But if they did discover a means of giving someone the power to levitate for the purpose of war, they certainly are not sharing it with the public.

So if levitation works, how does it work?  Those who claim to have the power often make mention of a field of energy very similar to the magnetic field of the Earth.  They suggest that by tuning the body to this frequency outside of current measurable energy one can then ride the rise in energy and gain control of their physical bodies in a big way.