Alien Probe, or Little Green Men?


I was 9 years old, my brother John was 14 at the time. This is an experience we never shared with anyone for years, fearing no one would believe us.

Enjoying my summer vacation on this day, I had been playing outside when I felt the need to relieve myself. I went into the house to use the bathroom. As I was standing in front of the toilet doing my business, I saw something out of the corner of my eye to the right out the bathroom window. I turned my head to look. Hovering outside the window was a small metalic saucer about 2 1/2 feet in diameter. It had a chrome like apperance. I was so shocked I’m sure I forgot what I was doing and made a mess of the bathroom. Not more than a second or two after seeing this, the object zipped up and out of sight in the blink of an eye. I do remember it took off at about a 45 degree angle upwards. I had seen ufos before, both my brother and I had an interest and would camp out almost every night in our back yard to watch for them during the summer. I remember thinking to myself, this is impossible. There was no way this had happened. There was no way there were little green men, not this little anyway. At this time I had not the knowledge to think this thing could have been some kind of probe. I told no one of this, thinking I myself was crazy, or was seeing things.

The very next day, my brother John and I went out our front door in order to walk down to the store for some treats. We lived out in the country, the nearest neighbor being about a half mile away. Upon leaving the house, we heard a loud crackling sound. We looked up to the source of this sound, the top of a power pole just to the north of the house. Just above the pole was this very same object. It was moving, or bouncing around above the power lines, blue archs of electricity connecting with it from the lines. Not more than a couple seconds later it zipped up and away so fast it was almost a blur. Again, at about a 45 degree angle upwards. My brother and I were both speechless. I then told him of my experience the previous day. We both agreed to keep this one sighting to ourselves, again, not thinking anyone would believe us. It was years later that I realized that this thing could very well have been some kind of probe, and not an actual space craft carrying little green men.

I might also add that during this period of time in the sixties, there were many UFO sightings in the Oroville area. I think I even remember the local news paper doing a small article about the fact. The Oroville dam was being built, at the time, the largest Earth filled dam in the world. Much gold was being uncovered during the construction. So much they almost shut down the dam project in favor of gold mining. I have noticed some correlation between gold deposits and UFO sightings, but that is a matter for future discussion.

I will swear in any court of law, that the stories I relate are true to the best of my recollection.