An Atheist Outlook – The Absence Of Belief in God

This article does not represent the opionons of Unexplainable.net.  We believe there is a creator, But were publishing this info to spread other viewpoints.

This paper is not meant to offend anyone, nor is it meant to speak for the masses. This is directed to one member.

Atheism is, and always will be, a religion that is frowned upon. It’s a religion for people who think “outside the box”, if you will. There are many different types of people in this world, and everyone has the right to opinions, beliefs, and practices that make them happy. Too many people cannot accept this, and therefore those same people make harsh judgments and assumptions for those of “us” who live life differently than the general population.

Atheism is defined as “An absence of belief in the existence of gods.” Simply put, a person who does not believe in God. There are two main groupings of Atheists. One being the “weak atheist”. “ Weak atheism is simple skepticism; disbelief in the existence of God”. The other being “strong atheism”. “Strong atheism is an explicitly held belief that God does not exist”. There is a large difference, and it is hugely important to understand that. I have met quite a few of both, and their ideas and beliefs are very different from each other.

I have never met an Atheist who could not provide a good argument concerning their beliefs. It takes quite a bit of knowledge, research, and decision to become an Atheist. Some people have the capability to trust that there is a God somewhere up there, and some of us are not.

I, personally, cannot imagine that there is 1 person responsible for creating everything in this world. There is too much scientific information out there for me to believe that “God” came down from the Heavens one day and decided to point a finger and create a world. It makes no sense to me”¦or to many, many others. Some people have science-based minds, and others have faith-based minds”¦that is how the world works.

My beliefs are my business, as are yours. Why do so many people feel the need to meddle in other peoples’ affairs? Is the fact that I don’t believe in God really affecting how you live your lives? If it is, then you’re doing something wrong. Don’t let other peoples’ faith ruin yours. We follow man’s rules, and you follow God’s. You let a book run your life, and I rule my own. Simple and straight to the point.

Joanne Mayer