Animal Mutilations Epidemic in Mexico

Mexico is undergoing a cattle mutilation epidemic of epic proportions.  Over 300 goats have been discovered arranged and mutilated and exsanguinated.  The attacks are suspected to be related to the legendary chupacabra or possibly a shapeshifting predator known as the Nahual.

The report was initially translated from the site “analuisacid” to English by Inexplicata, which covers paranormal events for the Institute of Hispanic UFOlogy.  Though the events have locals scared, the explanations for what could be causing the mysterious attacks are almost as numerous as its victims.  As police investigated the unknown attacks, Anacleto Enrique Montiel Barbosa spoke to local news agencies.  Analuisacid reported that most farming families in the area had been affected in one way or another by the mysterious attacks.

Anacleto was alerted to the disturbance after he heard several gunshots and rushed to investigate.  Alvaro Mendoza, his friend and a fellow shepherd was standing there while several creatures Anacleto thinks may have been dogs scurried into the darkness.  But the disturbing scene left behind by the creatures leaves Anacleto wondering whether the creatures were dogs or possibly something else.  In one night over 36 sheep had been slain by the unknown disturbance.  All of them had been beheaded without a drop of blood spilled or left behind.  Many in the area suspected the legendary chupacabra.  As word of the incident got around, many found themselves comparing Anacleto’s plight with their own.

Though all dogs in the area were gathered and killed, they showed no signs of having ingested any large quantities of blood.  The animals had not been connected to the crime.  And so with the mystery now reaching an epidemic level, there is still no evidence that the animals are being killed by anything natural.  How could 36 animals be beheaded entirely in one night without any predators in the area being caught in the act?

The recent epidemic seems a bit ambitious even for the chupacabra, which is often blamed for unexplainable livestock deaths.  The chupacabra, whose description varies from appearance to appearance everywhere from an alien looking grey creature with spikes protruding from its back to a doglike creature with what appears to be mange on its back has been terrorizing the western hemisphere since 1955, and yet remains largely elusive to capture.  But among paranormal entities widely believed to exist, the chupacabra has more of an effect on livelihoods than any other, having been blamed for millions of dollars in property damage.  One report last week saw a mysterious creature thought to be a possible chupacabra lunging at a woman and attacking her.  Results on the creature’s identity are still pending release.

Is it possible a mysterious creature of the night is causing widespread destruction over the past two months?  If so, why is it picking now to attack, and why are the attacks so widespread?  And perhaps most perplexingly, how has it been able to attack so much livestock without anyone seeing what it is?  The answers, though elusive, are being sought actively by investigators.