Animal Mutilations on the Rise in Britain

Those keeping track of animal mutilations should take into account the mysterious string of deaths taking place just north of Radnor Forest in the United Kingdom.  For a stretch of over fifty miles heading north from the forest area farmers are reporting deaths of their sheep and cattle accompanied by mysterious incisions and occasionally even missing limbs.

Sometimes cattle mutilations are scrutinized by skeptics as they sometimes bear a striking resemblance to the postmortem consuming of dead tissue by carrion eating insects.  This explanation, however, doesn’t hold when an animal that is recently deceased has surgically precise wounds that are accompanied by the separation of a leg complete with the entire leg bone missing.  No insect is known to be able to completely consume a sheep’s leg within a matter of hours.  And the sheep in question are often left in fenced in areas ruling out the possibility of a rogue dog somehow tearing the legs off.  In addition to that there is the surgical precision that seems to cut straight through the bone itself.  There is no known natural cause that can account for such precision or deliberate extraction of a leg bone.  Accompanied with the macabre evidence left behind is the high level of UFO reports that generally accompany the phenomenon in the area.

Farmers from Newton to Ludlow going East to West and from Presteigne to Shrewsbury going South to North are reporting several mysterious lights in the sky often moving at incredible speeds or making sudden turns that are far beyond the capabilities of any known aircraft.  The farmers and experts investigating the cases are suggesting that the two mysterious phenomena may somehow be related.  Furthermore, there have been no arrests relating to the mutilation of cattle in the area, and no eyewitness accounts suggest any human intervention by a cult or other organization.  And no lone individuals have been linked to the mutilations either.  Mike Freebury, who has been investigating the area for a number of years with the Animal Pathology Field Unit is of the strong conviction that whatever is causing this, it seems likely to be linked to the phenomena reported in the skies.

And the mystery directly effects the livelihoods of several farmers who often lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars each time a new incident occurs.  This is not merely a late night mystery on the television for them, it’s a serious problem that many of them are taking steps to avoid by constructing shelters for their animals and even occasionally watching over them at night in an effort to catch the culprits in the act.  Often the autopsies on mutilated cattle are inconclusive as a significant amount of organ tissue is removed after death with the wounds cauterized as though by a laser or some other superheated implement that leaves no trace behind and can work with extreme precision.  To date there have been an estimated 40,000 cases of animal mutilation since 1970, and not a single genuine case linked to the phenomenon has been solved ever.