Another Bird Die Off in Beebe, Arkansas

You may recall how the year started with a bang in 2011 when thousands of black birds suddenly dropped dead in Beebe, Arkansas as New Year’s celebrations commenced.  Well it would appear that the odd bird die off has been documented again – with an entirely new and unexplained black bird die off as 2012 comes around.  What could cause a repeat on this strange massive bird die off?  And does it portend the same sort of events we saw in 2011?

While the number of birds dead is significantly smaller in 2012, it’s odd to see that there have been only two reported mass die offs of birds in Beebe, Arkansas – one on New Year’s Day 2011 and one on New Year’s Day 2012.  So what could have caused both?  Skeptics are blaming fireworks again, suggesting that while authorities worked to put a stop to fireworks ringing in the new year a few still went off in the first few moments as the new year came along.

But then there are other questions – why were massive bird die-offs not reported in other towns with fireworks?  Why was the phenomenon confined only to Beebe, Arkansas?  And why has the event happened now twice?  While the explanation of fireworks held water in 2011, with more police patrols ensuring that no one lit fireworks in 2012 it’s unclear why hundreds of birds once again littered the streets as the dawn of January first broke across the streets of this seemingly normal Arkansas town.

But while the media kicked up a storm of inquiry in 2011 even dubbing the incident the “aflockalypse,” there was barely a peep reported from the same outlets as the incident repeated itself again this year – minus the fireworks.  Soon after every mass die-off of animals to happen in the first months of 2011 was lumped together with the Beebe mass die off all the way up until the Fukushima incident took center stage on everyone’s minds – and the front page.

And the birds in both incidents were of the same type of blackbird with a fleck of red at the edge of their wings.  But locals are still concerned over the incident and authorities are still finding themselves perplexed over it finding no answers.  And now as the incident’s mystery deepens with a repeat the number of theories has not shrunk with many in the public heading their own investigations and calling authorities there.

Along with the 2011 story was the discovery of thousands of dead fish miles from the incident at Beebe near the Ozark Dam.  The list of culprits has included scalar frequency devices such as HAARP.  Though early theories of the incident included clandestine biological testing and poisons, testing of the animals identified no such agents present in any of the specimens recovered.  They simply died – crashing into the Earth driven there by some unknown force.