Another Possible Chupacabra Shot in Texas

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It’s a strange day when mainstream media report that a Texas teen has shot and killed a possible chupacabra.  The creature, which had been stalking the grounds around the Texas family’s house was shot and killed by a teen with a .22 caliber rifle.  And if the story sounds familiar, that may be because we started covering a very similar story of a teenager hunting a bizarre bipedal creature on his property earlier this week.  Why are so many people responding to mysterious creatures on their property with weapons lately?

But in this strange story there is another common thread – both stories were about individual teens who took up arms after spotting the creatures on their own when they were reportedly not believed by their parents.  Is this the start of a whole new generation of monster hunters?  And are we seeing the beginning of a growing trend among young people who are willing to defend against and even outright attack strange creatures?

Perhaps it is partially fueled by media from the past ten or twenty years.  Films and television have been full of stories about people who decided to take it upon themselves to stop a terrifying and often evil paranormal threat by any means necessary – and employ violent means to do so.  But in the case of this latest chupacabra attack (in this case the alleged chupacabra was not the one doing the attacking) it appears it was partially in order to prove the creature was present at all.  One of the most troubling aspects of the paranormal for years has always been the fact that when the sighting is over, little or no evidence remains aside from eyewitness testimony.  And with the shooting of this creature, it seems there may be something a bit more now.

But is the creature a chupacabra?  Creatures looking very similar to this one have been shot and killed in the past.  And while some of them have remained unidentified, still others have been identified as being nothing more than dogs with mange.  And so in this case, the story could very well be of a youth who shot and killed a dog on his property due to the belief that it may be something exceedingly rare.  Indeed different sightings of the creature have reported it as being bipedal instead of the vaguely doglike creature that was fired upon just recently.  Additionally, it seems possible that previous news reports of creatures such as this one being shot and killed helped fuel the flames of conflict.

To date there are only a few reports of chupacabras actually attacking or harming humans.  Of course the reports that do suggest a chupacabra attack are sometimes horrific.  Would he have been better off shooting with a camera than with a rifle?  Perhaps as the creature is identified we will be able to get a better picture of whether or not it was something supernatural or simply strange.