Antarctic Mystery Lake and Deadly Creatures

Antarctic Mystery Lake and Deadly Creatures
By Joseph Held – http://www.informantnews.com

This is part of a conversation I had with my friend Bill, a down to earth ex-air force man who’s seen enough things to know we are not alone. Anyway, this has to do with Antarctica, it’s kinda spooky, so I thought I’d share it.

Joe: Haven’t heard anything more about Vostok lately. It’s been hushed up.

Bill: Yeah! I noticed that. When I was working with old navy divers working on Ice Harbor dam I heard an interesting story. They were in the Antarctic diving in a secret location way below the ice. They wouldn’t say where. They had one buddy that was deep and panicked when something came at him. Whatever it was got him. They said it was not a whale or shark because it was in a fresh water lake. Inland. These guys had been professional divers their whole life. Made me realize that these guys were either diving in Vostok or there is a similar place somewhere else in the Antarctic that is secret. They said they refused to work any more at that location and the Navy flew them out, debriefed, and discharged them. But it was supposed to be quite close to McMurdo station and that is a long way from Vostok. I listened real good. As you know stories are what keep me going. Yeah! They were diving at the dam working for me. I was the Foreman They were doing the underwater work on the new spillways. When they were out of the water decompressing I would chat with them and this story came out. Yeah! It rang my bell at the time. In light of the Vostok story it has renewed my interest in the conversation. Strange goings on at the bottom of the world. They said that the guy underwater said a few words. “It’s horrible I don’t have a chance!” and “Don’t come down here.” before he screamed. I would like to know the real story on that one. You know that these sorts of things contain only a grain of the real facts. But these guys were so serious. And they were a couple of real serious first rate people. I’m sure about the fatality they were too serious about that.

Joe: The facility wasn’t the McMurdo station, but somewhere else?

Bill: No Lake Vostok is way up in the central part of Antarctica in the region the Russians have claimed. McMurdo is on the western coastline. Somewhere close to McMurdo in fresh water. I know that there is no such known place. But I’m remembering them saying something about fresh water in caves. And that it was secret. I remember the conversation started with me talking about Ham Radio and how my favorite radio contact had been with McMurdo station on CW. These two guys were real interested.