Anything But a Bore – Wild Boar Rampage in Berlin

It’s being called an invasion in Berlin by the BBC.  Wild Boar are plaguing the city and moving in to the local populations within the city.  We’ve brought you stories of sudden wild animal migrations into populated areas, but several species of wild boar are more dangerous than most at certain times of the year.  Hunters have long warned of the particularly dangerous nature of a pack of wild boar for years.  And now the citizens of this city are getting a first hand look at how dangerous they can be.  But why are they moving in so rapidly?  Why are these creatures suddenly taking up arms and ignoring the city boundaries they once feared?  And who is invading who’s space?

Some have welcomed the sudden onslaught of the wild animals moving into the outskirts of Berlin before receding back into the wilderness.  A report by the BBC recently showcased over a dozen of the creatures being filmed by an amateur videotaping his back yard.  Over a dozen of the creatures were rifling through the garbage near his home out in the front of his house.  Authorities are blaming both people who have been feeding the creatures and others who are simply looking out and snorting at the attempts of others to keep them out.

This incredible sequence of events has gained quite a bit of attention in other countries as well by sympathetic audiences who have had their own share of animal infestations.  Just last year footage of several wolves rushing past a routine traffic stop in Russia made headlines when the policeman jumped into the car he had just flagged down and a pack of wolves darted past on a busy highway throwing caution to the wind and terrifying both the policeman and the audiences worldwide who watched it later.  This of course raised a serious question over whether some animal populations were getting more hostile.  And indeed it did seem to be the case.  Will we be seeing another increase in animal invasions and attacks as winter rolls into spring?

But Berlin has been trying to build up fences in the mean time to keep the creatures out.  Those who want to keep their property safe from the crowds of creatures have started building chain link fences and others with chicken wire.  Unfortunately, this is often insufficient to keep the strong creatures out.  And with the animals becoming increasingly brazen, there are concerns they may cause traffic accidents among things once they move deeper into the city.

Of course there is another theory related to the sudden animal migrations as well.  Could the same magnetic shifts requiring airports to recalibrate their equipment be affecting the inner compasses of these mammals as well?  Are we going to see more animals moving inland as they are guided by the Earth away from their natural habitats?  We will have to wait until it gets warmer to see.