Apocalypse book and Free Energy

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Re: Apocalypse book by Alex Heard

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 20:36:00 -0600

AHA, I found out the trick (again), don’t put a capital F on the first
line of your email sentence or it will cut the remainder of the text off
when it reposts to the archive!!!! Here is the remainder of that
Apocalypse email…sorry….it’s NT, thus Microsoft, thus inherently
This is the email from Alex Heard
> Hi, Jerry:
> This is Alex Heard. I wanted to let you know that my book is out,
> Apocalypse Pretty Soon, which contains an updated version (and
> slightly toned down) of what I wrote in Spy years ago. Please check
> it out and tell your friends. I also have a web site;
> http://www.apocalypseprettysoon.com
> where I’ll be keeping up with similar topics throughout the year.
> I “linked” to your site on there; maybe you can link to mine if you
> think of it.
> I’m borrowing someone’s e-mail today so ignore the return address:
> real address is [email protected]
> Thanks,
> Heard
Thanks for the notice about the book and you have a nice website. You
should consider under the LIBRARY icon adding your Spy article and
others that you or others might have written on the subject.

Dan Davidson and I didn’t think very highly of your original Spy
article, not the style, just the slant and lack of REAL information.

It was more tabloid than it had to be (a trait of Spy) and did not give
anyone the remotest reasons for any possibility that Schauberger, Keely
or other researchers could really have found something anomalous and
been able to reproduce it under control.

That’s all we have ever looked for and many in this field have no
problem collecting a lot of reports, stories, anecdotes, etc…looking
for correlations that will lead to an experiment that might actually
work. Also that this information lead to a repeatable experiment that
will be freely and globally shared for all countries and peoples to use
as a basis to develop their own useful, practical products.

The bottomline is and always will be, at least from my standpoint, to
stumble upon, figure out or otherwise discover how to build a working
free energy or gravity control device.

Your audience probably doesn’t have the attention span for it <g>, but
the theory is really quite simple, that the universe is created,
sustained and destroyed by an energy rich environment in which we live.

Like fish under water we cannot detect or otherwise sense this pressure.
It has always been called aether, Einstein called it the space-time
metric and modern theorists such as Dr. Harold Puthoff, Dr. Bernard
Haisch, Dr. Alfred Rueda, Moray King and many others refer to it as the
ubiquitous ZPE or zero point energy, so I write it as aether/zpe since I
think we should not abandon a term spanning thousands of years of human
observation and thought.

Once you realize that matter is effectively a hole in this aether/zpe
and that like pushing your hand quickly down in water, you will create a
temporary hole that is filled by the surrounding water until it is again
level with the pool, so too we think that matter is a hole in the
aether/zpe and is constantly sucking it in or more precisely, having it
PUSHED IN by ambient pressure simply trying to restore equilibrium.

That understanding leads us to how to control gravity since it is simply
the influx of this aether/zpe into all matter with velocity
proportionate to what is required to sustain the mass.

That means we are held to the earth like flies being blown against a
wire screen.

Deflect this aether/zpe influx around us and weight is reduced or
cancelled depending on how well you can deflect the flow into the

That accounts for gravity control and once the technics are worked out,
it will usher in all kinds of changes in governments, societies and

With regard to ‘free energy’ and on the very simplest level, if we can
learn to control this influx of aether/zpe into matter, we could
manufacture a 5 or 10 foot solid wheel, 3-10 feet THICK (like the old
millstones for grinding wheat to flour), made of rock, steel or any
other metal.

Install this heavy wheel on stanchions bearing a horizontal shaft, then
place one of the gravity deflection plates over ONE HALF of the wheel.

That causes an imbalance due to the deflected gravity and forces the
wheel to spin just like a paddlewheel under a waterfall. We use the
same principle in hydro dams, high pressure water pushing down by the
force of gravity to spin the blades and drive our electrical generation

That accounts for a simple ‘free energy’ device minus of course the
energy needed to power the reduced gravity plate.

Other methods make use of the Casimir force indicating we can produce
electricity DIRECTLY without the need of spinning anything. Not to
mention phased interference, plasmas and inertial reactions.

Now, for the most wondrous of all, healing, aging and rejuvenation.
Keely said back in the late 1800’s that ‘Time is Gravity’ but even
today, that simple phrase doesn’t evoke the full meaning without some

We know gravity has a gradient because as you move away from the planet,
you get lighter due to the lesser gravity. So its not just a switch on
and switch off effect, it can be controlled like the variac light dimmer
for your incandescent lamps in your house.

What happens if a human sleeps in a room where the earths aether/zpe
influx has been radically reduced or eliminated?

If eliminated the person will float up to the ceiling while they sleep.
During that time of no gravity, the person has no outside stresses or
strains on the body and the ‘phenonmenon’ we call ‘time’ is reduced to a
rate proportionate to what it takes to sustain the natural mass of the
body, without the ADDED influx absorbed by the earth.

That means the time flow that causes aging slows and the body can heal
and rejuvenate while under this reduced gravity/aether/zpe influx.

There is even a paper on my front page that indicates there could well
be frequency involved with time and gravity which would allow for phase
conjugation. That means you could FORCE TIME BACKWARDS to repeat past

This is more than you expected I’m sure but I just wanted you to know
there is much more than any kind of tabloid approach could remotely
justify and we kind of take it as an insult by being lumped in as kooks.

Its not our fault that you and others fail to look into WHY we think we
have a new and novel approach to changing the world and improving
everyones lives globally.

It is not megalomania or anything bizarre as the end results will be
inevitable IF the discoveries are freely released so that anyone can get
the information and prove it for themselves as in the following;

So to be lumped in with religious kooks, conspiracy or UFO ‘chase the
lights in the sky’ believers shows a definite lack of understanding
about what we all are trying to achieve.

Not that it will affect us in the long run but it certainly serves no
useful purpose between adding more to the tabloid trash mentality now so
prominent in this country.

There is no question that a free and global release of any set of plans
specifying how to build a tabletop, off the shelf working device that
will either produce energy completely on its own once started, or that
will reduce the weight in mass to a measurable degree will make changes
far beyond anything we can imagine.

It has been done in the Tampere experiment using excited superconductors
and the Finnish experiments with high density magnetic fields to cause
flying frogs. These AREN’T TRUE GRAVITY control experiments since both
tap into paramagnetic repulsion, a totally unrelated phenomenon, but it
shows that the groundswell of scientific thought IS CHANGING. I did not
mention NASAs recent Propulsion Conference seeking novel theories of
propulsion to help us accelerate our space programs.

So why hold us up for ridicule because of wanting to be involved as
facilitators of co-discoverers of such wondrous effects as free energy
or gravitational control?

It really won’t matter in the long run which is why I’ve never made it a
big deal about writing letters and getting involved in lenghty
Newmanesque/Soule diatribes that bear no fruit in the end.

We will continue to work quietly and loosely, despite any jeers or
attacks from those who either have their own agendas, an inability to
comprehend what is soon to come or just more time on their hands than
they can fill…<g>…

When it inevitably comes to pass that we achieve JUST ONE repeatable,
freely shared proof of either gravity control or free energy, we will
take great glee in quoting all those who could or would not
differentiate between those trying to do some real good and those just
out there for attention, mischief, personal gain or insanity.

No animosity, just puzzlement that any adult with a semblance of
education would choose the tabloid path when the writing could be so
much more edifying and exalting, but then that doesn’t sell to the
masses and its all about money now isn’t it…<g>…

Good luck on your book, it will probably make a mint. One day it would
be fun to produce a documentary or video showing some of the true
wonders (though at this point nothing repeatably anomalous) since so
many seem to fixated on the flash and bang. Ah well, such is life.
As usual you can use any of this you want but try to keep it in