Are we being interacted with, on a personal level.

On a cold winters night. I went outside to put the dogs away in there dog pen. As I walked back towards the house, I noticed just how clear and dark the skies were. The sky was just full of stars. I stopped and took a minute to gaze over at the big dipper and the stars in that area of the sky, when I noticed what looked to be a tiny little faint star, that after I’d looked at it for just a few seconds, it began to move. I naturally considered that this must be an airplane or satellite. Then I saw it change directions which eliminated the idea of it potentially being a satellite. So, I watched to see if I could see any lights that might suggest that it was an airplane, which at first I’d assumed if it was, that it simply was probably just to fare away to see anything but the headlight, if that was what I was seeing. What seemed very strange to me, was the fact that this tiny faint star seemed to be out in the stars, beyond our atmosphere. It was simply logic that caused me to consider that it had to be within range of it being a human craft.

Then as I looked closer at this small faint object, I suddenly realized it was getting brighter and brighter, as if it were flying directly at me. I watched for red, or green lights, but never saw any. I listened for sound and heard nothing. This craft had changed directions a couple of times before nearly stopping then it quickly increased in size and brightness from seeming like one of the dimmest stars in the sky, to being one of the brightest, as if the craft had flown from deep out in space to coming very near or within our atmosphere. Then the craft took a steady easterly turn and was slowly moving across the sky. Seeing how this was the second encounter that I’d had like this, I ran to get my wife, so that she could witness it with me. But just after I’d come back outside before she could get out to see it, I witnessed it gradually start to accelerate and then accelerate so rapidly that it flashed and vanished within a about a six inch span at arms length, just as I witnessed a similar UFO do back, some twenty six years earlier, while sleeping outside under the stars with a friend of mine. He was so scared by what he’d witnessed that he jumped up and ran into the house to tell his father. That event was also extremely unusual, since I’d been searching for a perfect cross within the shapes created by the stars, and after both my friend and I had given up, I then noticed one directly above us. It was a very dim little reddish colored star that we discovered within that large cross that we’d discovered and was talking about, while looking directly at it, that suddenly started moving and did the very same types of things. I was stunned then, when reflecting on all that I knew to be true surrounding the spiritual realm, because it made me ponder a similar connection, yet potentially linked to a much more advanced being from another star within our galaxy, who might thereby have a much greater ability to communicate with the spiritual realm.

Anyhow, I’ve been totally unable to explain these events within my own mind, under the umbrella of human possibilities. I’ve never witnessed a human built craft that could cover distances like this one could, and to have both of them accelerate so quickly at the end that they simply vanished before our eyes. I’d really struggled with this for many years, because I didn’t believe in UFO’s, because from our perspective as humans within our own limitations, such things were scientifically impossible. But after experiencing the spiritual events that I have, I now realize that there is in fact a great deal that we have yet to learn and experience. Thank you!