Argentina UFO Footage Starts 2012 With Mystery

UFO enthusiasts and believers are always on the lookout for the best piece of evidence to prove claims that Earth is being visited by something beyond the ordinary.  And now it seems some footage from Argentina depicts a bizarre craft with some astonishingly strange characteristics.  And as more analyses of the footage become available online, the theories surrounding it have become almost as astonishing as the footage itself.  Is this evidence of extraterrestrial visitation in 2012?  If this footage is any indicator, it could very well be a good year for UFOs.

Seekers of the truth on the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitations are constantly bombarded by a plethora of evidence of unknown or questionable origin.  And yet every now and again an astonishing piece of evidence comes about that really calls into question whether there might actually be something to the thousands of sightings and reports.  And while some still wait for an official form of disclosure beyond what has already happened, others are more interested in the evidence readily available every day.  And in that environment, it’s no surprise that this footage from Argentina is already making waves.

The tiny blip in the distance looks much like the kinds of UFOs many people have seen for years, but a number of geographical features and a steady long shot of the object at a reasonable distance and with good focus makes this piece of evidence a good solid addition to the already growing arsenal of evidence in 2012.  Where witnesses may have previously seen only a few pixels or blurred images they are now seeing a good solid object passing with apparent intelligence as it darts over rooftops and behind buildings.

The footage itself is interesting partially because of the intense amount of detail present in the object as it passes over buildings and past telephone poles.  Instead of a black dot in the distance it can be seen clearly reflecting sunlight.  The object’s size is difficult to determine, but it looks to be on the smaller end of the spectrum when it comes to unidentified flying objects.  If it is a craft it is a particularly small one – certainly smaller than an F-14 or similar fighter jet.  It changes direction multiple times and then maintains a steady trajectory as it hugs the roof of one distant apartment building, gliding with ease and slowing drastically.

According to the information on the video itself, the footage was taken in Argentina’s Capital Federal District on January 4, 2012 at 8:35 pm using a Sony trv-510.  Digital effects added to the film include a bump filter to reduce the shakiness of the object and an additional embossing filter at certain points to give a clearer picture of the object’s movements and location.  While embossing filters have been criticized in the past, it does appear to have been used appropriately for this footage to provide a clearer picture of the object’s movements.  Still, what was this that was spotted in Argentina?  And are we going to be seeing more objects like this one as 2012 begins?