Atlantis Located By Satellite- Atlantis is Near Spain.

 Scientists Found Atlantis


New Satellite imagery has sent excellent data that could prove the existence of Atlantis (as described by Plato).  For years, the question lurked “Is the story of Atlantis true?”  We may soon receive enough information to actually confirm the answer.  Recent satellite imagery revealed two rectangular structures and parts of concentric rings that may once have surrounded them. It appears this region is actually located off the coast of Spain.

We knew for centuries, by different culures, that Atlantis lies in the Atlantic Ocean, but more on the Europe side.  Satellite imagery was able to pinpoint the location off the coast of Spain. Plato and other people who studies Atlantis 

Around 10-15 thousand years ago, Atlantis was a land of happy joyous people. It was wealthy, populated, and technologically advanced. Many structures were made of solid crystals, and computers were used often. Lifestyle was easy.  Daily festivals, parties, gatherings occurred religiously.  Atlantis was a Happy Place.  

The people who lived in Atlantis had more abilities than we Humans have.  Atlantians were able to speak telepathically, and directly see energy along with various other traits.  It was good times..  They also had Pyramids (as large as the great Gaza Pyramid).  These Pyramids has Crystal tops.  The top point of the pyramid was actually a crystal pyramid that fit perfectly on top the pyramid to complete 1 big Pyramid with a crystal “eye”.

The top of a Pyramid is the Pyramid Eye.  This crystal top was used as a device that allowed them to speak telepathically.   As you know, even today crystals are changing technology and changing the world.  Crystals Are a Communication Necessity.

“Fairport, New York. Euroquartz announces the MJ series – a new range of ultraminiature surface mount crystals designed for use in a wide range of handheld communications applications. The new MJ series crystals are housed in an ultra-miniature 5 x 3.2mm footprint package with low profile height of just 1mm. This makes the crystals ideal for use in state-of-the-art hand-held and portable communications equipment including PDAs, GPS and wireless LAN systems.” 

Well anyways,  everything was going well until the time came to an end.  Just like the Roman Empire, Greece, The Mayan, …  Atlantis died abruptly.  It was horrible.  Not only the people of Atlantis, but the whole city.  Buildings fell, Cities crumbled, people died..  Soon Atlantis was completely submerged under the Atlantic Ocean. 

Our Government in America knows all about this story.  So much so, that the 1 dollar bill has a picture of an eye in the crystal pyramid top.  Even the United States Best Space Craft is named “Atlantis”.  And I don’t have to mention Atlantic sounds really close to Atlantis. Written for Unexplainable.Net.

this news was published by BBC News.  Check it out.



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