Atleantians and Druids

The idea of druids and how Atleantians work.
The first era to the atlantians, was the age to themselves. In this era, they mastered the art, of crystal magicks and crystal energies with Firecrystals grouped in three that were 20 feet high and 10 – 20 feet wide, the purpose were to use certain materialization properties and they held alot of power, nowadays some are damaged but there were 10 zones. The shift ability of todays time is controlled by the working crystals. The north pole is a gravity source by a martian rock or gravity stones and with waves and Firecrystals in a group of 6 at the centerpoint that power the gravity stone.

The timekeeper crystal, thats hermedically sealed is about the effort to control and manipulate the events that is sealed in time. It causes gain day and creates events by imagination and visualization.

gainsday = Sept 25, Nov 21, 27 by legis Bill gates “Its caused by the standing timekeeper crystal set by Atleantians, to start in morning or middle of the day and end at three days later. You start to gain 1 pound per every other bites. But its a few other days too, Oct 27 and one in the 15th but it usually happens on a leap year day. But the last year will be a bit harsh as the timekeeper crystal is spiritual and the demands of the negative is like making it almost underboard motion of any positive event as its a steal of everything everyday.

If you denied the weight, the weight drops but doubles the money or wealth itself because the strange spiritual energy disperses and causes a 10% increase per everyday..use.”

They brought in energy humans that were able to shift instantaneously and go nearly anywhere much like power ranges but much cruder and more likely to attack. The crystals were the main focus because because they chose to live on a volcanic island. The magick they used wove an energy, that turned the iron in the ground to thier use, that they mined into steel.

Thus, their blades were always impervious to corruption, kept the edge without dulling and could cut through anything including stone, provided enough force. The thoughts of this era was, they were ruled by five pair of twins. Men and women were equal to, the most powerful weapon was a plasma laser drill. Because of the sulphur of the volcano, and energy manipulation, their water actually healed people from sicknesses and broken bones.

Noone ever aged thier as time passed by. The place to be was the marketplace, it had fair prices and no price hikes. The atleantians, traded all over the world, with the fairy being more or less helpful. Their was no taxation, during this entire concept of world trade due to the united trade commision from need to trade. This formed the United Trade Commision of Amerindia that allowed business to rule itself for its own sake and when some asked the business, there was always an answer but not brutal.

However compared to todays united worlds with a government controlled trade system and this free trade commision was company owned, they were corrupt to the point of absolution and any would kill for gold or items had they to get some unless they could earn it. During the age of the 1st age, the Druids lived with the Atleantians. The end of this technology era, for the atlantians began and ended with the eruption of their volcano. The eruption happened after a power wave, or magic wave, that hit the spells they had in place to keep the volcanoe from erupting.

These people are apart of a free trade alliance who traded for drugs, slaves and other things like high tech stuff from psience like energy and stone effects without any illegality or disruption by regulation. Yet the worst was the willingness to torture and negotiate, for that was all except for the crystalline equipment and modernlike machines that would do as they thought at it or spoke what they wanted except for abusive behavior. This culture was backward and varied as to unknown degrees and very suited to adventure and information to the willing, except for weak people who got killed if they upset them. The advanced old ages or rock ages, are hard to forget as it allowed open swords and armor, yet was advanced with problems of kingdoms and early democracies.

The next thing that was worse, with three tsunamis to wash over the land. It swallowed two, whole continents and left the rest, eden or “moralis”, for “life continent” or “life garden”. In its day eden was lemuria, the continent of great delights, liesure and creatures, also the place of the first fairy tribe. This land is now mris. a forbidden place of dark power. Mris is so forbidden, that within 1 week a well supplied person would die from a death shade, that came at night to eradicate the people. They, the previous people had recieved early warning of this event and made a second false island.

The lesion field was the elysian field, liesure field of death that is now antarctica (dantartica, ice land) and located beneath the ice, with hundreds of creatures ice locked. But it was used as a staging area for armies and a “free beauty park” of creatures and myth. Lore legends that account for this region are to be understood as area of great motiff and moments of looking at walls, if you could would reveal histories and cultures that warn us of future events. Considered the bilobok or “big book of lore”, written on a wall.

They moved to it in a timely manner. Almost no high priests and priestesses survived, yet they made their way to the greek city called greece, first as survivors and other places as well. doing so, they taught most of the humans to speak and live in a society, to work together, teaching a language to those they sought, to form a perfect society, as they had it. In this process, they were called “white devils”, “angels”, “devil spawn” and the christians “original sinners”. Till they eventually found their way, to the second island. Thus, the second era, occured to the atleantians, the one with humans.

The second atleantian era was the longest lasting. They, the Atleantians became through thier Avalonian or Druidic half children, druids over time. When the humans discovered them they thought they were survivors with strange markings over the bodies. These survivors were taken in by greece, they had left after 1 year had passed. They had learned everything they could from the people of greece, and left of their own means. Their means of travel was through circles of stone that centered around a power well. These power wells are the world stones that the magelords had made. They had left the worldstones at certain locations, some of them are at summerset island, sunset island and other places. Over the millenia, the worldstones had sunk about a mile down.

Since the worldstones had not melted due to the great heat of the earth at that depth, through heat regeneration, because of the magical nature of them. They served as the power sources to the circles of stone. Thus, at the middle of the night. the atleantians would go there. They would stand in the middle of stones, and hold hands in a circle. Thinking of the place they would go, they imagineg themselves in the place. The effect of the focused will, the linked hands and the power, wells made them disappear from whence they were standing, and they reappeared at the spot of the imagined place. To get to the circles of stone easily, they imagined themselves in the circle of stones. This worked by the well of power, under the circle of stones drawing them in to that spot.

Other things that they did were build electrical sources. These were called the pyramids of power. They were constructed out of charged gold, and modelled from the Egyptian pyramids, that were huge electrical sources. The pyramids were aligned to the true north. It was powered by the direct focus of seven druids to convert energy from the surroundings. The results were to spread energy into a one mile net effect. If you wore steel of any type, you were at risk, to being killed by it, unless you were immune to lightning. The story to this, is a tale of Roman Soldiers, of 100 men that were marching by a cave. They had sudden jolts, go right through their body. All but one still remained, alive to tell the tale. The rest was electrified to death.

From humans, did the dragons come, and the Druids were shapeshifters at that time. They could also shapeshift normal, humans through energy infusion as focused into a form. The druids could changeshape, some human into a dragon, yet most were not successful. They would do it at request, because it freed them from responsibility. When humans mated in dragon form, with the mate also transformed the result would be a true dragon. The ability of such dragon is awseome, as they be representation of raw force controlled. An idea of what that could mean, is considerable. A raw blast of fire from the mouth, of a dragon would destroy the building. The instinctive telepathy of a dragon, is great indeed, for ten miles distance. When it needs to talk, it can talk to you from anywhere, and they are raw power, with direction of the will, and thoughts they have. The dragons have a very good chance, to be ultimate shapeshifters, as they are true energy in form, from a forced, unnatural transformation. Druid Marle, was the first to ever do a shapeshift.

This is the age they became, under the tutelage of Odin, in a myriad of ways. They learned magic at his hands, and became masters of it. They used another false island, as a tourist place, Glascony, until the christians started to get jealous. The hostlities grew and the druids started disappearing. The druids left glascony for the christians, who converted the false island, into a church of Glascony. Then they seemed to abandon the island, entire. The island got taken by monks. The iron bell disrupted the druids’ magick.

As they were underneath the island, each night they would come up and dismantle the bell. Each evening or morning, the monks would repair the damage, and put it back up. The rhythm of events went like this, for a long time until the monks, got tired of it and abandoned, the place to time. The druids are in hiding, and allowing themselves to be seen, only at this great day and age of america. The druids cliamed america first, as for some time before the vikings, they protected the land, working with the people living on it. I was a painter who painted twenty and paintings of indians, scenes of rituals, scenes of battle and scenes of death. To work with indians, you need patience, so don’t try to go into hostile nations, for some tribes would kill you on sight.

The druids would leave, to the lands to new caretakers. Before they got to the place, they would be gone and most are likely to appear only to those they found worthy. If they saw a worthy apprentice the person would disappear and no one would think twice. The druids would see to caretaking and land upkeep otherwise. Thus, thier would be no damage till the new caretakers, or landowners did it themselves.

The greatest events of this era were: The druids were teachers of the other people, The king arthur legend, and the christians gaining power. The druids made the concepts of good and evil. When it happened, a few tourists were listening. The discussion was like this: It was between two druids. One was arguing “People should be accounted for by the actions they do. It should be the accumilation of the things accounted for. If it was to the destruction end result of the goal that the person achieves, they are evil. The positive achievements of people make them good.” The other druid states “I believe so, there is another side though. The accumilation of actions that are positive in effect. added to the negative effects actually make an accurate account of people. Their must be a balance of the two sides.” That ended the argument. Thus the overhearing tourists spread the news through rumor of the argument.

The Athurian legend is quite interesting and full of conflicting ideas. King arthur was one of the atleantians. In brittain itself, he became king, and he did it by being a prince of Great Brittain, when Luther pendragon died by a setup, in the campaign, from an traiterous general. The celts had slaughtered him, yet left the other soldiers alive, and the general took command, to slaughter the celts. The Britains were originally of the Romans, and they had won their freedom, .by the Romans nation fall. He used his genious to reunify through force, conniving, and bribery the fractious land, it had become. The result was he became a king, within a month. He was assigned a magician, named Merlin, by the druids.

The first Merlin retired, without telling anyone 10 years, after the Kingdom went to Arthur Pendragon. The second Merlin slipped into place immediately after. The courts of Camelot, was the capital of brittain then. Druidic practices were allowed to flourish and so were christians. It wasn’t considered a threat, until the jealousies occured. The christians started stealing, from the druids, and they were a threat afterword. The Second Merlin was a weakling, yet had bonded his apprentice Jason with a demon, for the reason of tampering, and he’s still alive one thousand or more years later. The bishop of Glascony, staying at the court of camelot, talked merlin into christianity. Merlin the second talked, King Arthur into christianity as well.

The druidic practice disappeared, and was not seen in the courts themselves afterwords. The tourism to the druidic island, was cut off and the druids themselves seemed to disappear. Jealousy of the christians overcame, the presence of the druids, made them disappear. The island turned abandoned, and the monks claimed it unknowingly for themselves. King arthur seemed to forget about the druids, by the pressure of the christians. The second merlin started the fight, he stole the cup of revival and the sword excalibur, from the vaults of the druids. They appeared as The Holy Grail, made of star ore and Excalibur, the sword that could, cut through anything. King Arthur seemed to possess both, and attracted Gueneveer. He married a queen, called Gueneveer. She really was a bitch, as King Arthur was madly in love with her, yet didn’t seem to care.

Five years later, the Druids get the upper hand. With King Arthur had sex with his Atleantian Sister, Morgana La Fey, lady of the lake. She had a son called Mordred, an evil knight, unknown to King Arthur. He comes to King Arthur, after being raised from birth, by Morgana’s step sister and says “I am the bastard son of King Arthur, I am here to claim my crown.” King Arthur replies “I accept you as my heir!, You are welcome here.” The king is kinda old, at this time, so he was looking for one. He had not gotten any heirs, from Gueniveer. Thus he finds the son, he always wanted.

This son betrays him 6 months later, by saying he needs a contingent, of armed knights that he chooses, to take care of a problem. He gets granted his request, after much arguing. The king allows for his heir, to make his choices and the next day, Mordreds’ forces disappear. The King knows he was betrayed, so he sends out knights to find him.

Meanwhile, the cup gets stolen from the chapel, by the druids who snuck in. The king now knows it was his heir, that betrayed him. His knights return without finding Mordred, and when the knight’s get finished, with their report, the kings face is red. He says evenly “Find the cup, which has been stolen, and bring it back to me. For this is of more importance.”

Two years pass, they come back without an inkling, as to where the cup is. When he next looks out the window, he sees an unfriendly army. Mordred has returned, and in comes a messenger, comes in and he states “Your heir, Prince Mordred has sent a parlay. He states to come at midmorning, to the fields of Glascony, two days hence and we will fight to the death. My force and your force, in a clash that will end it all. The king says, “I agree with your parlay. Send that as reply.” The messenger leaves, and when looks out the window, he sees his message is retieved.

The army retreats slowly, Two days later, and the armies of knights from both sides, are arrayed in front of each other. Ready for the fight, Prince Mordred and King Arthur, walk near each other. They give each other threats, and they both signal the charge. The knights come forward, and the clash begins, then King Arthur, and Prince Mordred start fighting. Their clash silences the other knights, people on both sides, stop fighting and watch in amazement, as The Prince and The King fight singlehandedly. The King Arthur has Excalibur, The Prince Mordred has the Spear of Wounding, and the upiercable Armour. The spear is said, to be able to cut through anything.

The Armour Prevents weapons of any type, to pierce its breast, except the kings sword. They fight until everyone, else stops fighting. That is because they fight, with expertise, it is death of both people that, stop the fighting. The king is pierced in the breast, by the spear, and the prince is pierced in the breast, by the sword. In the end, both of them are dead, and in the knights remorse, they take both bodies and the weapons, they bore and prepare them. The weapons they give, to the Lady of the Lake, as she rises in the lake, then disappears. The body of King Arthur Pendragon, is given back to the Druids, for Burial.

When they get back beneath the surface, of the lake under the isle of the druids. On a full moon, they revive Arthur Pendragon, with the cup of. He has his memory back, and his repentance is done. I believe the druids, that lived under the lake, no exist there, in some form. If we travelled the tunnels of gold, their would be only bones, to be found. A great deal of history as well, as I think the lost artifacts, mentioned are still there. Waiting to be found, and if one forebore the ghosts, and wraithes which live there now. The Druids will come from the past, or already are there. The christians will fall, and the druids will be back again, in open on the surface, and without fear.

The Christians gained, power afterword and this is a great event, because it lasted for at least 800 years. It naturally happened, the druids weren’t around to be jealous of and the church got greedy. The Pope gained political power for once, and the church of christ was in a position, to take control. That they did with gusto, they then grew poisoned by the non-resistance of the world to their power take over. Corruption happend after 100 years with the stolen lore from the druids, had been put into a book called the bible.

It showed jesus doing good works. In story form, that’s all it was, yet they were the history, of what the Altleantians travels were doing. Otherwise, The magick acts are clearly shown, as miracles. Even some very good meditation acts, yet the jesus portrayed, is not who he truly was. Jesus was a thief. When they said “Jesus Christ!” It was meant as a curse. I worship Jesus, as a God of Thieves. I do this because, it gives him proper accredation. A friend of mine, as my friend remembers, a couple of gold in an pinching, of his money pouch.

A story of this time is when, the person goes into a church, all said person has to do, is walk up to a preacher, and pay them a tithe. This gets a “free” saying of your guilt, to which the piest never remembers. This is an example, of how corrupt the church was, and to date, they loved to torture. When was the political power, of the church broken? When the USA Judge made a ruling, to the effect of the separation of church and faith, so any faith can be practiced, throughout the land. freely and without guilt. Thats when the church lost its power, with people only paying lipservice, to it so to remain publicly loved.