Autrotrophic Humans Survival With No Food Or Water

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Autotrophs: new kind of humans appears who neither drink nor eat

It is not ruled out that they will replace us at a new evolution stage 

People all around the world were storming supermarkets and grocery stores on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There was a small group of people, though, who did not even think about eating anything for Christmas. In fact, they do not think about food at all. Such people call themselves autothrophs – they do not eat at all. The term designates an organism that makes its own food. Autotrophs can go on hunger strikes for years and even decades.

Irina Novozhilova, the president of the center for protection of animals’ rights, expressed her opinion about phenomenal individuals, who can live without food and water.

“The idea to turn down food as it is appeared long ago. Russian philosophers, particularly Vernadsky, were thinking about a possibility for a human being to live on something non-material. Vernadsky was certain that man is an energetic creature that can nourish himself from the energy of space. Some people can prove it today that it is possible to live a normal life without physical food.

“All living beings on our planet can be divided into two categories – autotrophs and heterotrophs. The majority of plants constitute the first category – they receive energy from non-organic substances – sunshine or air – and process it during the photosynthesis. Humans and animals make the second category: they nourish themselves with other living beings. Therefore, the people, who can live on the solar and space power, are closer to plants than to other humans. There is a group of autotrophs in Moscow. They gather in the Konstantin Vasiliev Museum, where they share experience with others. If a woman breastfeeds her child until it turns seven years old, for example, a child will be able to become an autotroph already by eight – simply and painlessly. A mother neither drinks nor eats, but she has enough milk to feed the baby. There are such women in Moscow. I often interact with people, who reject food completely. At first they become vegans – they exclude all products of animalistic origin from their menu in other words. After that they gradually turn down the vegetal food too. When people stop eating physical food, they also stop consuming any kind of liquid. They drink nothing.

“I would not say that scanty nourishment exerts a negative influence on their state of health. They are rather vigorous and cheerful people. However, I would like to warn everyone that it is impossible to quit drinking water and eating food in a moment. It should be done slowly, step by step, with short-term temporary starvation. A lethal outcome would be inevitable otherwise. A person will be killed either with starvation or their own wastes. The 70-year-old Indian yogi Pralad Djani is one of the most renowned contemporary autotrophs. This man has not been eating or drinking anything for 62 years, since the age of six. Indian doctors examined and tested him: they placed the man in a special room, outfitted the room with surveillance cameras and sealed the bathroom. As it turned out, Pralad Djani’s body was functioning absolutely normally. The body was producing urine, although it was being absorbed into the urinary bladder. The yogi said that he was receiving water from air. He also said that there was a tiny hole in the palate, from which drops of “heavenly” water penetrated into his mouth.

“Russia’s most famous autotroph’s name is Zinaida Baranova. The old lady from the city of Krasnodar is 67 years old. She was approaching her new existence very slowly. At first she gave up meat, then she turned vegetables down. She has been living without food and water for 4.5 years already. Scientists of the Bauman Institute examined her organism and were very surprised to find out that the woman’s biological age corresponded to 20 years. Professor Spiridonov came to conclusion that the pensioner was a perfectly healthy lady; all her systems and organs, except for the stomach, were functioning normally. Indeed, she is a very energetic and bubbly person. She got rid of all diseases, even chronic ones. She said, however, that it was rather hard for her to get used to the new lifestyle. She was suffering from cramps, exhaustion, dry mouth, etc. There were moments, when she thought she was dying. The woman’s health improved in 1.5 months.

“Doctors say that autotrophs make a fundamentally new type of self-sufficient human beings. It is not ruled out that they will replace us at a new evolution stage. Modern science has already confirmed the ability of a human being to maintain itself. Dietitians were recently saying that the B12 vitamin was naturally contained only in animal foods. Vegans, therefore, were supposed to die, since they could not receive the vitamin. However, doctors found out that the concentration of the B12 vitamin was fine with vegans. The situation became clear, when scientists discovered the synthesis process in the intestines. It became known that human beings could live on their own microflora. Medics have already discovered that the human intestines produce microorganisms that can synthesize amino acids.”