Baba Vanga’s Nuclear Prediction

The elderly psychic and seer, Baba Vanga was one of the most famous psychics in her region.  The psychic, who made a number of predictions is receiving new attention after a number of her claims turned out to be more accurate than once thought – at least according to certain interpretations.  But what has she predicted, and what will this tell us of the future that may face us all?

First, let’s take a look at one of the misses that Vanga declared for 2010.  Though some have maintained that we are in the early stages of a global conflict that has been unfolding, most who have reviewed Vanga’s work consider this a miss.  But there is another interpretation to the text that has been causing quite a stir.  What if she was correct, but this third world war is one of a different sort?  Could the third world war be one of economic policies?  An armed conflict may eventually result in some regions, but if we bear with this possibility, the next few events make more sense than before.

In 2011, Vanga predicted nuclear fallout would blanket the northern hemisphere Vanga’s prediction then goes on to say that the Earth will then be devastated by the radioactive cloud resulting in massive skin cancer across the globe.  By 2014, Vanga suggests that most of Europe would not be inhabited.  Interestingly enough, the nuclear fallout cloud from the Fukushima nuclear power plant has spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere according to the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization in very small trace amounts.  Of course this is nothing even approaching the level of radiation expected by Vanga.  And it didn’t result from nuclear war.  But how strange is it really that Vanga says a nuclear catastrophe will strike in 2011 and it just happens to be the same year the world may be facing one of the greatest nuclear challenges it has ever faced?

She also suggests that by 2018 China would become the new global superpower.  If China were to become the new superpower as so many are suggesting, when would it most likely occur?  This is a matter that economists and historians are still battling out.  If China were to become a global superpower, how would it be announced, and would there be any official announcement in the first place?  But then there is the fact that we are now talking about it.  When Baba Vanga died in 1996, her followers wept and openly feared the world that would be coming in the next few decades.

After humans found new religions, travel into space, and finally begin looking into the colonization of other planets, there will be a new and terrifying force from space discovered during the search for extraterrestrial life.  But even after overcoming this adversary, humanity will continue to progress.  Thousands of years from now, Vanga suggested we would develop a means of living indefinitely.  And after that, a new universe would be found which humanity would collectively decide to enter.  So even if the worst of her prophecies were to come true, it seems the human race would live for several thousand years afterward.