Bermuda Triangle Explanations: Natural

If aliens and supernatural forces aren’t behind the mysterious disappearances associated with the Bermuda Triangle , then what could it possibly be? According to many researchers and writers, the reasoning is thought natural. In this article, you will learn more explanations linked to the Devil’s Triangle.


Issues with compasses have been deemed one of the primary causes of incidents in the Triangle. Compasses have natural magnetic variations that coincide with the magnetic poles. Some believe that the region is prone to odd local magnetic anomalies, but there is no concrete evidence that proves so. It is natural for compasses to change direction at will when placed in certain locations.

Deliberate Actions

When a ship disappears in the Triangle region, it’s easy to blame the mysterious past of Bermuda, but has anyone ever stopped to think that the vessel fell into the hands of others? In times of war or piracy, deliberate acts of destruction may contribute to a missing ship. There was a time where some sunken ships were logged in as being a casualty of submarines during the World Wars. When crafts traveled about the high seas and were illegally captured by another, it has become a victim of piracy. In the Caribbean region, acts of piracy were common from around 1560 to the 1760s, and involved the antics of infamous pirates, such as Edward Teach , better known as Blackbeard.

The Gulf Stream

An ocean current that begins in the Gulf of Mexico and travels through the Straits of Florida into the North Atlantic is called the Gulf Stream. The current acts like a river within the ocean and has the power to carry objects that float in the water. The surface velocity can reach up to nearly 6 miles per hours. Small planes that make a landing in the water or a boat suffering engine issues can be carried away from a reported position by this current.

Treacherous Waves

Around the world, it is a known fact that oceans can produce waves that cause ships to sink and cause oil platforms to topple into the water. These sorts of waves were thought just to be the stuff of legend until around 1995. It is possible that an extremely strong ocean wave could have sent a ship to a watery grave.


The powerful storms that come with a hurricane develop in tropical waters and are known to take thousands of lives and damage billions of dollars worth of property. In relation to the Triangle, hurricanes have been deemed responsible for causing some incidents. For example, Francisco de Bobadilla’s Spanish fleet sunk in 1502 and became the first time a violent hurricane was recorded.

Human Error

Human error has been one of the most suggested explanations for the loss of aircraft and vessel in relation to the Bermuda Triangle. Since the beginning of time, humans have made mistakes that have resulted in detrimental consequences. Miscalculations, pride, and undetected errors have also contributed to the hysteria of the Bermuda Triangle.