Beyond The Paranormal

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There are many Paranormal events that are associated with broader categories of  Unexplained Phenomena. Like Crop Circles are associated with UFOs. Some types of Phenomena can stand alone and represent their own classification of  the Paranormal.
Some of  these occurrences go Beyond the Paranormal. They are more truly Supernatural.

Crop Circles are a Phenomena that cannot be explained by Science. Some are the work of  Hoaxers.  But many cannot be accounted for by people creating field art.
UFO orbs and lights have been sighted over Crop circle formations. It is unknown if  Extraterrestrials have anything to do with them. Crop circles could be a natural phenomena, like Earth lights or Swamp gas illuminations. The circles could be produced by some kind of  Vortex or whirlwind. Scientist do not understand exactly how they are formed. Crop Circles are a Paranormal Phenomena in themselves. They do not always need to be grouped with UFOs or any other unexplained events.
If Aliens from another world are using Crop Circles as a form of communications, to Humans or other E.T. Beings,
Then that would represent a more advanced Intelligence and are more of a Supernatural occurrence, then even the Aliens or Space craft themselves.
Another related Paranormal incident that is associated with Alien Abductions, is Telepathic Communication. Abductees report that they can understand what the Extraterrestrials are saying,
in the person’s mind. They have the ability to communicate Telepathically. Again, this goes beyond the Phenomena of Alien Abductions and is a more advanced form of  Paranormal.

There is an Island off the coast of Alaska where uprooted trees are standing upside down in the ground, with the roots up in the air. There are no signs of heavy equipment tracks or pathways that could even begin to explain how these trees got turned over. No Human beings would have the strength to pull large trees out of the ground, without modern machinery.
There have also been upside down trees discovered in Colorado.
The local people on Prince of Wales island say the trees are territorial markers of  Sasquatch. So the Inverted Trees phenomena is associated with Bigfoot. But this is another Paranormal occurrence that can be categorized on its own.
The trees could be ripped out of the ground by Bigfoot, or some other beings or creatures. Or they could be a totally separate Phenomena, that Science has absolutely no explanation for.

Earth Lights are a Natural Phenomena. But Scientist do not understand how they are produced. They usually happen over earthquake fault lines or above Volcanoes. People have theories about how Swamp gas is ignited. And how St. Elmo’s Fire is created in the atmosphere. Also Ball lightning is a similar rare Phenomena that can be seen during thunderstorms. There are different types of Illuminated Natural Phenomena that are produced by the Earth itself. But Humans cannot always explain where they come from.

There are other different types of Phenomena associated with UFO’s and Aliens. They can be considered their own sub classifications of  Paranormal Events. They include Men in Black, Cattle Mutilations, Foo Fighters, Ancient Alien Theory and Missing Time, which is linked to Alien Abductions.
Men In Black  are reported to be Men dressed in black suites that visit people after they have witnessed UFO sightings. The men are said to try and intimidate the witnesses, telling them not to say anything to anyone about the phenomena they have seen.  The Men in Black are reported to look very strange, with Pale white skin. Some theorize that they are Hybrid Human and Alien Beings. These are also Unexplained Phenomena that can stand by themselves.

There are some types of Unexplained Phenomena
that can fit into more than one category. They can be crossover events, with multiple different possible sources. Orbs are a kind of  Paranormal occurrence, that are usually associated with Ghosts and Hauntings. But some Orbs may be connected to UFO’s.
They are their own kind of Supernatural Phenomena, that may never be fully explained or understood by Man.

A Poltergeist is thought to be a Spirit that reeks havok in a home or other place. Objects fly across rooms or levitate in the air. But there is a theory that Poltergeist are caused by Children. They can move objects with their minds. It is called Telekinesis or Psychokinesis, when a person can move an object without physically touching it. They have an ability, with their Minds only, they can manipulate physical objects into the air. Then a Spirit that causes disturbances could be called a Mischievous Ghost, that causes things to fly around. A Poltergeist could be categorized as a Spiritual Haunting, or as a Psychological event.

Another Paranormal Phenomena that can go into different classifications is Mothman. The creature could be a Cryptic entity, not yet discovered by Science. Or it could be of a Spiritual nature. The Prophecies, warning of  catastrophes  to come, is more of a Supernatural occurrence. Or could Mothman be an Extraterrestrial? Descriptions of Draconian, Reptilian Aliens are similar to Mothman.

There are a number of  unexplained events that can stand on their own. They can be connected with more well known Paranormal incidents, the standard Paranormal of  UFO’s, Ghosts and Cryptic Monsters. Or they can be considered their own type of Phenomena. Like Crop Circles, Inverted Trees and Orbs. Some natural or  unnatural occurrences go Beyond the Normal Paranormal, into the realm of the Super Supernatural!