Bigfoot Hair Analysis Reveals Shocking Results

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Hairs from the Orang Pundek expedition in 2009 have been analyzed with  startling result.  The hairs, thought once to be merely misidentified ape hairs have showed striking characteristics according to cryptozoologist Lars Thomas who had the hairs sent to laboratories for both DNA and structural analysis.  What incredible information can we confirm about the Orang Pundek now thanks to this analysis?  The answer may shock you.

It is neither ape, nor human, and yet somehow the analysis suggests it is both.  DNA results from the hairs first collected as Adam Davies, Richard Freeman, and others trekked through Sumatra on a hunt for the hairy hominid known as the Orang Pundek.  After collecting these mysterious samples, they send them to Lars Thomas who forwarded them to the appropriate laboratories.  The DNA test confirmed that the hairs were likely human, but a structural analysis then suggested they were apelike in origin.

The hole-like features and the advanced level of pigmentation suggested to analysts that these hairs were of primate origin.  But how could they be both primate and human?  No known creature can be categorized as having both, suggesting if these findings are true and can be confirmed, we may be looking with some level of confidence at the first proof of the legendary race of ape-men known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot.  What does this mean?  A good start might be Thomas’ suggestion to send further expeditions into the Sumatra to find what exactly is leaving these hairs.  Either they have unwittingly discovered a new race of ape creatures with an unusually close DNA structure to human beings, or perhaps the legendary Bigfoot has been tracked successfully.

There have been many suggestions that DNA evidence from a Bigfoot has been discovered before in the past, but generally the samples aren’t of the quality seen in the Orang Pundek hair samples observed here.  The blog “Still On the Track” has been following major Bigfooot developments for years.  And as new developments come to our attention we will definitely be keeping a close eye on the situation to see what results.

Bigfoot has for many years been proposed as the “missing link” between humans and apes.  Of course many cryptozoologists with a background in evolution have suggested that more likely Bigfoot and humans shared  common ancestor, but developed in vastly different ways.  To date there is no explanation as to how these creatures, if they are as prolific as some would suggest, have avoided capture or much else in the way of documentation.  This King Kong of the cryptids, however, still appears to hundreds of witnesses -both skeptics and believers- each year.

What will another expedition turn up?  Will we finally receive conclusive proof that the Bigfoot phenomenon is more than a folk tale?  Or will this simply remain a mystery for as long as people sit around the campfire to tell stories of the strange creature?  As with so many phenomena involving Bigfoot, only time will tell in lieu of sufficient evidence.