“Bigfoot in My Backyard!”

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A mysterious claim that has yet to be verified is gaining a great deal of attention in cryptozoology circles as one man claims that the legendary cryptid Bigfoot has been entering his backyard for the past few weeks and making himself at home.  Though the location itself has not been released in an attempt to protect the identity of the man, many around the internet are demanding details over this incredible claim.

The claim, reported by the cryptozoology site Cryptomundo has many people wondering about the possibility of a major breakthrough in the field of cryptozoology the likes of which have not been seen since the now famous footage of Bigfoot walking through the forest on which much iconic imagery of the hairy hominid has been based.  If it turns out to be true, Bigfoot may quickly be verified in scientific circles and may soon even be actually captured.  Of course this is a best case scenario, but there are many (including the aforementioned site) which remember previous claims of Bigfoot activity and are hesitant to consider it verified without first studying the evidence to be put forth by the anonymous man claiming such a high profile event taking place so close to home.

And there is much to consider in the story of the man calling himself simply Mike (who understandably wishes to withhold his last name at the moment).  The details of the case are not coming out just yet until the site can be investigated.  Initial reports indicated that the radio show had contacted UFO magazine to dispatch a crew to film the area and catch footage of the creature on tape, but later this claim was disputed when Cryptomundo uncovered information suggesting that this was a premature rumor.

So what is the skinny on this developing story?  In the history of the Bigfoot legend there have been several hoaxes perpetrated with the express interest of convincing the public that the creature indeed existed, but there have been at least as many cases of genuine interest that have been completely without refute.  This is not to say they were necessarily verified or irrefutable, but rather simply that they have been followed with intense interest and were not at the time refuted.  Whether this Bigfoot has made Mike’s back yard at the edge of an area of forest somewhere in the midwest his own stomping ground or not is not confirmed, but one thing is undeniable: many people will be looking very closely at this case for answers.  And as those answers come we will keep you up to date.