Bigfoot is Everywhere…

You’ve heard of it before, depicted in movies such as Harry and the Hendersons- that creature known to us as Bigfoot. This creature is described in numerous ways, called by many different names and has been sighted throughout the world. Countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Australia and Mongolia all claim similar beings.


In the United States, this elusive creature is referred to as Bigfoot or Sasquatch (a name that originated in Canada). The term “Sasquatch” is usually used to describe a species of this creature, where the term “Bigfoot” is used to refer to one from this species. Bigfoot is described as being a large creature with apelike features that can be found living in remote areas of the wilderness. Many believe in this large, unexplainable being, while others believe it is a product of myths and hoaxers.


The characteristics of Bigfoot include reports that it is 7 to 10 feet tall; is a bipedal creature with ape features; has a pronounced eyebrow; and has short, shaggy, dark-colored hair covering its body.  Sometimes a nasty smelling odor is associated with Bigfoot that resembles sewage or feces. The evidence that has been used to prove the existence of this creature has included audio and videotapes. There have also been fingerprints, footprints, handprints, as well as hair samples. In Riggins, Idaho, six hairs were said to be that of the Bigfoot. When analyzed, nothing was conclusive except that the hair specimens did not match any identifiable animal species and that the hairs showed both human and nonhuman details.


From the United States to China to Australia, there have been many reports of such a Bigfoot. The names are different and some of the details differ, but the concept is the same: somewhere out there is a large creature that resembles a human, as well as an ape. The earliest account of such a living thing dates back to Native American tales of the Witiko or Wendigo, which refers to a huge spirit-beast originating from the Algonquin tribe. 


Since the 1920s, China has documented more than 400 reports of a creature called Yeren, that is covered in reddish-brown hair with the exception of its hands and face. Sometimes the creature is described as being white or silver in color, standing at five to seven feet tall.


Afghanistan and Pakistan have told tales of a bipedal primate that can be found in the mountains. Shepherds who live in the mountains have reported most of sightings of this creature, which is called Barmanou or Barmanu. In Vietnam, their “Bigfoot” is called Neguoi Rung and is also sometimes referred to as “the forest people.” Neguoi Rung is said to stand about six feet tall, covered in hair all over the body, except for on the knees, soles of feet, hands and the face.


Many other “Bigfoots” have been described within various countries and time periods, including the pre- Christian Gual figure of the “hairy wildman” or Woodwose; the Skunk Ape in Florida; Australia’s Yowie; the Mongolian Bigfoot, Almas; and Indonesia’s Ebu Gogo.