Bigfoot Trailcam Blacked Out, Audio Captured

One of the most mysterious aspects of the Bigfoot phenomenon is the fact that so many people have reported actually seeing the creature, yet so few have evidence to offer in return.  And sometimes bad luck doesn’t help either.  One witness to a Bigfoot sighting has come forward saying his camera was on and running when the Bigfoot appeared, but something kept him from recording any video.

It all happened early Sunday morning on January 22nd in the town of Cinebar, Washington.  The witness made his report to BFRO the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, saying that while he did not have any photos of the creature itself, he could share photographs of the tracks it left behind and a strange audio recording that sounds like the hairy hominid might be walking off in the distance.  While video would have gone some ways to prove that something is out there in the distance, the audio does provide a chilling hint at what Bigfoot may sound like up close.

The strangest part of the audio clip is the story behind it.  The witness who retrieved it from his game trail cam noted that the camera was low on batteries as the creature drew near, but did not shut off entirely.  Instead, the camera was able to begin recording from the sounds in the forest at that time and gather a few seconds worth of audio, which he shared with the BFRO community and the world.

Skeptics have approached this audio-only explanation of the Bigfoot encounter with caution.  But it should be noted that a number of trail cameras do capture audio as well as video, and low batteries may not have been the only factor here.  Often at night trail cameras require a bright light to illuminate the area.  If this light had not had enough power to light up the area, it would have begun recording video and audio.  Without the light it would have appeared as a black screen or as if there had been no video recorded at all.

The witness also observed tracks passing by the camera that didn’t look like any normal animal he had ever seen.  The footprints were massive, with their stride an estimated five feet between them.  Over several minutes, the witness would find the tracks leading off into the distance.  Using a separate still photo camera, he was able to take several photos of these tracks without problem.

Judging from the photos, it looks like the snow melt may have affected their size in a few ways, but even so – the average length between strides measured from the center would not have been affected.  Whatever was leaving these tracks would have been incredibly tall.

Witnesses to Bigfoot phenomena usually speak with one voice as to the size of the creature.  They say it is huge, far larger than most human beings.  Generally the creature is seen as being between seven and ten feet in height, with immensely broad shoulders adding to its frightful presence.