Bird Die Off Looks Like Only the Beginning

Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by admin

It’s being called the Aflockalypse in some circles, a sign of the apocalypse in others, and a massive coincidence by a diminishing number as the deaths of thousands of blackbirds is now being joined by other species who all seem to be dying in mass numbers.  The idea of animals of a specific species dying off en masse seems too much to just be coincidence to a growing number who are proclaiming it to be evidence of everything from a pre-show to 2012 to government experiments.    And with crabs, other birds, and other fish joining the mix, some experts say they expect this to just be the beginning.

On new year’s day residents of Beebee, AK were horrified when they stepped outside and spotted lying dead in their yards up to hundreds of birds over a short distance.  After a while the tally was counted up and they discovered that several thousand birds had been killed somehow in the night, the result of some unknown physical trauma to their bodies.  Mere days prior hundreds of thousands of kettle fish had washed up on the shores just north of there having died of equally mysterious causes.  And now another mass die off of birds has been reported just south of Beebee.

Skeptics have pointed to the numbers of experts, suggesting that birds die in massive numbers about 14 to 16 times every 20 years from unknown causes.  Of course this is a far cry from the several mass die offs being reported in only a few days.  And it isn’t just birds this time, but other species as well.  Are we just specially tuned in to the subject of bird deaths?  Or is it possible there could be something more?  If the former is the case, experts are saying to prepare for more reports of mass die offs in the coming days.

Thousands of fish are likewise dying off in massive numbers the world over all over the world including several in places such as New Zealand, the UK, and Japan.  In Louisiana hundreds of birds reportedly died just days after the first die off was reported in Beebee.  And this is just the first few days after the first incident.  At this rate it’s expected we will be abandoning the “coincidence” theory fairly soon if these deaths continue to make headlines and continue to occur worldwide.

Last year we brought you coverage of a strange incident involving hundreds of Starlings suddenly dropping dead in one woman’s yard under mysterious circumstances.  At the time we were perplexed by the theories proposed to explain it away almost as much as the incidents themselves.  Fortunately in that case there were no follow up mass animal deaths to suggest something larger was going on.  This was not, however, the case in the Beebee incident.  Possible culprits proposed are generally a mix between a coincidence and the explosion of fireworks startling the birds and causing them to plummet to the ground, a fast acting disease, a cloaked alien ship that resulted in the birds slamming into a solid object they could not see, the birds fighting one another and even military testing of the HAARP system to affect bird flight patterns.  Each explanation has its faults and its qualities.  But none of them thus far have truly closed what is becoming an ever more perplexing case.