Bird Mystery Leaves “Trauma” Questions

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When some 3,000 birds suddenly fall from the sky with no known explanation it’s sure to raise several questions.  But when those same 3,000 birds show signs of no cause of death aside from “traumatic” injuries it’s almost like the beginnings of a folk tale.  These traumatic injuries are just as mysterious as the deaths themselves, but at least three flocks of birds found dead across the world in massive numbers have been seen to have them.

The injuries are said to be the result of blunt trauma to the outside of the birds, but not all have reportedly been consistent with simply falling from the sky or slamming into a wall.  In fact, many birds are known to fall from the sky and be just fine.  The idea of 3,000 birds suddenly plummeting with no control over their wings suggests they possibly could have had to have dive bombed into the ground.  Such was the case with a flock of birds that dove down earlier last year in the back yard of Julie Knight.  But even then no real explanation was given to global news outlets and the mystery remained unsolved for the most part.

If it’s not chemical, then it might be possible that these birds were knocked out of the sky.  Some have proposed that the birds could have somehow encountered a flying invisible wall that would have blocked their ability to move through the skies.  Of course we don’t have many invisible walls lying around, so let’s take a look at what else it could have been.

This is where one of the mainstream explanations come in.  One of the few floating invisible walls that we know of (or at least something that would act as a floating invisible wall for our purposes) would be hail.  During the Julie Knight investigation I conducted less than a year ago, hail seemed a likely culprit.  Only no one reported hail on the ground.  But this wouldn’t be impossible as it was such a localized area and people sometimes simply don’t notice hail if it’s in a localized area.  This would be a little harder to believe across a large area where many people were out celebrating during the early hours of New Year’s Eve.

So if what they hit didn’t itself plummet to the ground, what could it have been?  In exploring all the possibilities of this case, the idea of a low flying silent invisible aircraft keeps coming up.  Such a craft is still a few years away, but earlier this year Boeing announced they would in the foreseeable future begin development of an invisible flying plane to ferry passengers through the sky and give them the impression that they were floating on air.  Military officials have said for years that current secret military technology is easily decades in excess of anything we are currently aware of.  Is it possible the military could have developed a stealth craft that the birds somehow didn’t see, and then slammed into it?  If this were the case, they would have had to slam into it one after the other several times.  The  spread of the birds seems to make this theory less likely.  And then there’s the fact that the birds don’t normally fly at night, perhaps startled to flight by the fireworks.  But why then is it not as common to hear of a thousand blackbirds suddenly dropping from the sky when professional grade fireworks are used?  People don’t normally send telegrams to flocks of birds telling them not to worry when they hear bangs and booms outside their nests.

Every explanation, no matter how fantastic, seems to be rebelling against even approaching this mystery of birds falling from the skies all over.