Birds Fall from Sky for No Reason

When she arrived home, Julie Knight was shocked when her home’s entire garden in the village of Coxley was littered with hundreds of dead birds and no explanation.  The scene was reminiscent of a biblical plague as she stepped onto her lawn and saw the ground teeming with unexplainably deceased Starlings.

The incident happened sometime during the day before Julie came home from her job as a Nurse to her home in Coxley.  The village in the UK has no more history of strange occurrences than anywhere else in the region.  And no recent incident can even hold a candle to the sudden mysterious deaths of well over a hundred starlings littering one localized garden.  What could have possibly caused the incident?  Julie Knight, at a loss for explanation soon called a social worker to help clear the creatures away.  And after cleaning them up, they were laid out row by row in formation to display the sheer number of birds that had suddenly died seemingly without reason.  In the end, of those that fell only six survived.

Nights before Mrs. Knight remembered watching the BBC Channel 5’s show “Flash Forward” in which a similar incident happens when crows in Somalia suddenly start raining from the sky.  The cult hit recently replayed an episode where birds begin dying and raining from the sky.

Of course Julie Knight is concerned about the incident, as she has a young grandson and two cats who often spend time in the garden.  If it were an unknown pesticide that had caused the incident, she wants to know if it could have an effect on residents in the area.

The post-mortem performed on the birds conclusively demonstrated that they died from sudden impact, and not from any known poison which could rule out pesticides.  A freak electrical storm has been suggested, but this can be ruled out too as there were no burns on any of the animals.  Since no poisons were detected, it can be assumed that any agent entering the body would have been one that has never been encountered before, or these birds were all assassinated by a disgruntled ex-KGB operative.  And both of these explanations are fairly ridiculous.  Of course there is also the theory that they were just scared into changing formation by a bird of prey and hit the ground due to a miscalculation in flight trajectory, but it doesn’t take into consideration the final piece of the puzzle.

Mrs. Knight’s neighbor was called to the window when he heard the sound of something thudding in the next yard.  And there he witnessed it: the starlings were falling from the sky like massive inky raindrops.  This may just sound like just another addition to the incident, but it rules out the bird  of prey theory and suggests a disturbing fact.  It’s clear from this that the impact, whatever it was, happened in the sky above Knight’s garden.  The starlings hit something they and no one else in the neighborhood could see.  Starlings have evolved to fly with the grace and dexterity that allows them to soar at great speed without dying in formations that are often mere centimeters apart from one another.  The only conclusion I can think of in this situation is one that simply makes no sense.  The starlings hit a wall in the sky which was, for some reason, invisible both to them and observers on the ground.