Birth Of A New Face On the Land Of Mars


In July, 1976, Viking Orbiter 1 was acquiring images of the Cydonia region
of Mars as part of the search for potential landing sites for Viking Lander
2. On 25 July, 1976, it photographed a region heavily cratered highlands.
Among the hills was one that, to the Viking investigators, the images for
likely landing sites, resembled a face. All over Mars, an image including
the face-like hill was released as part of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s
public relations effort.

After 20 years, NASA again send (Opportunity and Spirit Robots) on the Mars
and when it transmits the photos, all over the world watched it and NEPAL
was also watching that event.

There was only one evidence of face discovered by NASA in 1976 adding many
highly developed 3-D imaginary effects and there after no any evidence was
discovered, that’s why I am sure this one is first natural image discovered
after 30 years approx (2006AD- 1976AD) without adding any 3-D effects.

This photo was taken by me that was issued by NASA TO NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
CHANNEL. When I studied that video and enhance its photo quality. After
effort of many days, a face with mask was discovered.

So with a desire to provide the public with at least another real
familiar-looking face on mars I have issued this photo to all.

Here I have kept that facial structure in a rectangular box in which there
are 2- black patches which resembles eyes of facial mask  and after that
nose like 3-D structure is seen and mouth seems to be a black patches.
The outer circumference of the facial mask will also be seen clearly.
You have to see the structure by placing eyes in origin and whole face in
135 degree from eye to mouth in opposite increasing pattern.

If you enlarge it then you can see where I have decoded all the parts
clearly. I have attached photos which you have to enlarge including my photo

May much bigger enquiry will start from my small effort and more information
can be acquire.
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