Bizarre Chicken Killing in Alaska

In Fairbanks Alaska a circle of chickens has been discovered arranged in a circle with their heads cut off.  The macabre collection of chickens seems to be either a warning of some sort of another form of strange ritual.  As the police sort through the possibilities, some who have studied the occult turn to their bookshelves in an attempt to make sense of this perplexing and shocking mystery.

The number of dead chickens was 26, and they were arranged in a circle while three chickens were left alive.  The dead chickens were decapitated but no additional mutilation had taken place.  Some sources indicate that the number 26 does not in itself bear any real significance in occult circles, except that it is twice thirteen although this in itself makes little sense for a ritual sacrifice.  The story was first reported on the 26th of may by mainstream news sources, but this isn’t of great significance on its own.  In addition, the astrological charts on both the 24th and 26th held little significance until Uranus entered Ares on the 27th.  Aside from these very mundane and almost commonplace factors the numbers themselves may have been insignificant.  The reason the numbers could possibly be significant is three chickens were left alive.  Not all in the coop had been killed.  One other common theory about the killings is that it could have been of a voodoo origin, but this is unlikely as there is no known voodoo population in Alaska.  Furthermore, the killing of chickens in voodoo rituals is more emphasized by popular culture than practice, though it does still go on.

The final possibility is a solitary practice that has arisen which imbues the number a significance not based in tradition.  If this were the case, the number could have just as easily been five or thirty without having any specific connection to older occult practices.  In this case it is also possible that there was little or no occult connection whatsoever and could have simply been perpetrated by a deranged individual who wished to frighten those around him.  There is no information regarding the contents of the circle or if any further ritual implements or evidence was acquired.  It’s also known that this was done in secret as the owners of the chicken coop were unaware of any noise on the ranch.  But who would do such a thing?  Since the chickens were killed and arranged in a circle, we can assume the perpetrator was confident they would have enough time to do so without being interrupted.  And the further arrangement, while possibly ritually significant to the perpetrator of this crime did require some motivation, and more or less rules out a wild animal.  The motivation of this seemingly senseless killing is likely to remain unknown unless the perpetrator is caught.  Of course this is not a completely isolated incident, but there is no evidence suggesting it is connected to the other ritual killings of animals which has happened all over the world as it specifically happened in an isolated area and in a different manner from other comparable circles.  Like cattle mutilations, this sort of mysterious crime is both troubling and seemingly happens to serve a sinister and unknown purpose.