Bizarre Headless Creature Discovered on Beach

A mysterious creature that appears to be of marine origin washed up on the shore known as Lower Cove this week in Canada with what some are calling ‘Nessie-like’ features including a long tail, a large dorsal fin, and what appears to be another appendage that could be used at the front.  One of the strangest aspects of the creature seems to be the fact that the creature has no head.

The creature was decapitated, apparently, either while it was in the water and died from the injury, or was decapitated after it had been dead long enough for the blood to coagulate as there was no blood discovered in the snow nearby.  Its large size, approximately that of a small cow makes it difficult to imagine the entire head being eaten by naturally occurring smaller carrion eaters, which will usually leave the rougher dermal tissue intact and make their way in.  It almost looks as though the head was removed with one movement, such as a piece of machinery, or torn from it as with a ship’s propeller.  The front of the body is almost indicative of a manatee, but the long tail doesn’t match, and rather looks more like something one would see on a marine-based dinosaur.  Of course it could also be an incredibly unlikely mutation or a previously undiscovered species of marine mammal.

The discovery was first made by Rich and Basil Park and Warrick Lovell who were out walking on the cove when they came across the mysterious creature and found it dead.  Due to the long tapered tail, they thought it may have at first been the tentacle of an incredibly large squid, but as they inspected more closely, they found it was an organism in itself, and was merely missing the head.  As they remained, they took pictures of it and eventually reported it to authorities who will be investigating the cove in the coming days.  The Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Corner Brooke have become involved and will be attempting to identify the creature and possibly discover if it could have been an undiscovered species of marine animal that had gotten pulled in with the tides.

Responses to the creature have been varied.  Some maintain it is merely a mutated manatee, or possibly some genetic aberration of any number of species, while others claim its source to be everything from a leftover species of dinosaur from the Cretacious period to the Loch Ness Monster.  It is interesting that it was discovered shortly after rumors that Nessie may be dead.  Perhaps for whatever reason the creature (or one of several) found its way into Canadian territory as it migrated, possibly confused by the same sonar interruptions that cause whales to beach.

But why the missing head?  What did the head look like?  These questions no doubt are key components to what is turning out to be the latest in a long string of interesting creature discoveries across the world, and is no doubt going to require serious investigation if there is any hope of it being anything more than yet another event that will be recalled by history as simply unexplainable.