Black Eyed Man Terrorizes Illinois Woman

The story of people with entirely pitch black eyes seems to be one that tugs at the very heart of the matter in paranormal cases.  Those who see black eyed children and adults often recount the experience as being harrowing or even life changing.  They are often left with paranoia or a sense of dread that something may be out there among the crowds and yet noticed only by a select unlucky few who later report these creatures as giving off a feeling of “pure evil.”

Such is the case with one woman recently interviewed who claimed one of these creatures left her feeling ill, both at ease and physically.  Outside of a movie theater the girl was talking with a friend of hers after meeting to pick her up from work.  As they were talking, her friend was facing toward her and busying herself texting a friend of theirs about a social gathering they were planning on attending later that night.  Suddenly, loping like a wolf from the tree line, a man clad in a black coat and a white turtleneck walked into the mall and turned his head toward the girls before moving on.  The interviewee recounts how her friend, even while not noticing the strange man suddenly stopped talking and looked dead ahead as though transfixed.  She describes time standing still for quite some time as the man stared straight at her.  And in this moment, she recounts in distress, she noticed that the man had no eyes.  When asked what “no eyes” means, she says he had no pupils, whites, or cornea.  Though there were two spheres in the eye sockets, they stared out at her with a completely dead expression and there was nothing but blackness there.  As she recalls, it’s clear the incident had quite an effect on her.  Shortly after that she asked to go straight home, missing the party and asking her friend to stay the night.  It was the last she ever saw of the creature, though she’s been thinking about it ever since.

The case shares many of the tenets of a typical encounter with black eyed people.  Between the completely black eyes and the sinister feeling, many witnesses report that these incidents are quite different from many paranormal encounters as they seem to share an innate almost tangible sinister nature.  And the other quality of time stopping is difficult to overlook as well.

It’s strange to think that the perception of time could be so drastically affected with such consistency, but such is often the case with black eyed entities.  And given that this result seems to be reproduced with some regularity, it is possible to extrapolate a sort of common thread from it.  Are black eyed entities actually affecting the minds of those around them?  Is it purposeful or merely a byproduct of their presence?

Other than their ocular irregularity, and their ability to seemingly shift the progress of time to extend for minutes or even hours in just a few seconds, it seems these entities share all other traits with normal human beings.  They need not act differently than most other humans and often, in fact, seem to act fairly mundane both in manner of speaking and the things they say.  They have, however, been compared to “vampires” as they often ask to be let in to a given location and seem to act in a fairly desperate manner when denied.  Many demons from various mythologies require an invitation before they can be let into a person’s life to wreak havoc similarly.  Is it possible these demons are actually an earlier incarnation of this new phenomenon sweeping the world?