Brain Sensors to Change Humanity

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Human Mind Plays Computer Video Game

It was announced 6/15/04 that successful experiments proved humans can control electronics with brain power.  That’s right, times are nearing when we can change TV channels without a remote, Open our garage door by thinking it, and driving their cars with no petals or manual labor.  Sounds like science fiction? You won’t believe your ears.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital conducted a study, where they places small sensors on the exterior of the brain. Wires connected the brain impulses with a computer program which advanced Major Results.  In under 1/2 hour, all the patients which received these sensors we able to master controlling a video game with their mind and mind alone.  No joystick, no controller of any sort. When the patients thought it was time to move, the video game instantly received the brains commands and followed through with exact precision.  

This technology has been studied on Monkeys and Human for several years.  Scientists believe this could lead to unimaginable possibilities.  The labs are currently trying to incorporate a microscopic wireless transmitter which will be capable to transmitting human thought which will be received by household devices and such.  It’s only a matter of time before humans will have the ability to control machinery and objects by simply looking at it.

With this new technology brewing in the background, one must remember to be careful for many unnoticeable effects may arise.  It is my belief that this new technology will render your privacy useless.  Surely, if your toaster receives commands, so can people.


CNN Published an article confirming This Story


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