Bridgewater Triangle Has Paranormal Phenomena of All Kinds

The Bridgewater triangle has a bit of everything in it.  Legends of Ghosts, UFOs, monsters, murders, mutants, and mysteries are scattered throughout the countryside of this place cut straight from the Twilight Zone and dropped right on Southeastern Massachusetts.  And if stories of the legendary Thunderbird or the UFO sightings aren’t enough to keep curiosity seekers coming back for more, the history of the place will be.  It’s said this area was even enough to inspire one of the world’s most famous horror writers to begin his writing career.

If it isn’t the most haunted place in the world for its stories, it is certainly among the top three.  Of the top paranormal places on the planet, there is a 200 kilometer triangle of land not normally discussed openly that not only has some of the most bizarre stories to accompany it, but has them in a very compact space.  No matter your route, you’re guaranteed to pass by some of the locations to several bizarre things if you step foot in this area.  But there is a warning that goes along with the Bridgewater Triangle.  And not all of the paranormal stories that occurred within it have a happy ending – a fact that no doubt inspired horror writer H.P. Lovecraft to spin his macabre masterpieces.

Bridgewater Triangle is no stranger to mysterious flying orbs of light.  Considered a UFO hotspot by many researchers, the triangle’s skies see an unusually high amount of activity.  And in the 1970’s, the area saw one of the largest UFO spikes in Massachusetts history.  20 years later another spike in UFO sightings would accompany the discovery of several mutilated cattle.  And of course the skies are crowded not only with what appear to be craft but other monsters as well.  The legendary Thunderbird has been spotted in the Hockamock swamp.  Hockamock can be translated to mean “where the spirits dwell.”

And spirits do indeed seem to dwell, although not exclusively at Hockamock swamp.  From the typical strange stories of phantom hitchhikers and haunted homes to more exotic local legends including shapes that appear not altogether human located just beyond flashlight range at certain areas within the swamp.

But the enigmas are not exclusively fleeting.  Some of the mysteries, such as the scrawled and mysterious hieroglyphs across Dighton rock have been a source of controversy for decades, with no one person quite able to decipher the meaning behind the stone.  Whether the rock itself is a sacred symbol or not is unknown, but the writing on its surface has been a curiosity among code enthusiasts and archaeologists for over a century.

If there is any one reason a place should be as haunted as this, it is often attributed to a curse placed on the swamp by Native Americans, angered by their mistreatment and pushed away from the land they had settled since history began in the area.  Of course it’s also said the land was a place of great power long before then as well.