Cat With Wings in China

A cat in Chongqing, China is getting very special attention these days.  This cat started sprouting triangular, fur covered wings out of his back.  This cat was born as a normal kitten.  It wasn’t until a year after his birth that the kitten started to grow his wings.

Some experts believe the bony wings are a freak mutation.  Most likely a Siamese twin growing inside the kitty.

Some experts say the strange growths were caused as a result of a mutation caused by chemicals the cat’s mother was exposed to before giving birth.  It is possible, since the city is heavily industrialized with chemical, metal, and automobile factories pumping out acid rain and air pollution.  In 2004 this city was the second most polluted in the world.

Whatever is is this fluffy white moggy doesn’t seem to mind.  The owner even claims that the kitten enjoys all the attention.  There is no need to worry about flying kitties.  A cat’s bony and muscular body makes it impossible for a cat to fly.