Cattle Mutilations Mystery Still Not Solved

Klamatah Falls, Oregon, USA On January 7th veterinaian of Klamatah Falls found a week old calf dead and mutilated. The right ear was cut off and the whole skelleton was removed.

This is the second mutilation of cattle in Klamatah Falls since December 21st, when Tim Howard found one of his pregnant cows with her right ear cut off, parts of the face cut out and the tongue cut alongside, in half. 4 teeth was taken and the sexual organs taken through a perfect “keyhole”. Howard say that he could see his own footprints and the tracks of his cars tire on the frosty grass, but no tracks of either a struggle or otherwise around the cow. The police is still investigating.

 On January 4th Isabella/Michigans sheriff found 8 calfs, frozen and dead along a highway. Everyone was skinned from head to hoof. The calfs was around 1 week old. The Police is standing bewildered och says that no cattle has been reported as missing. So where did the cattle come from? And who has mutilated them is still a mystery to this day. Identical mutilation-cases can be tracked back to the 70’s when they (and now) on several occasions was connected to UFO-sightings.
To this we can add that mutilated humans has been reported from South-America…

Article credit WUFOC, the free UFO-alternative on the Internet, http://www.wufoc.com