Cattle Mutilations Spike in Colonia Belgrando

Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by admin

Colonia Belgrando, once thought to have escaped the mass slaughter of animals by a mysterious unknown source has, as of this month, received its first few cases of cattle mutilation.  And more are expected to follow shortly.  The grisly remains were found first in May on the 11th, but subsequent cases have shown conclusively that the May 11th incident was not an isolated one and that there may be no end in sight to these grisly killings.

Chito Sirtori, the rural farmer reporting the cases first was picked up by the Spanish Fenomenas Misteriosos before it was translated into English and came to the attention of the paranormal journal Inexplicata, which is quoted as covering “UFO and paranormal cases from Spain, South America, and the Caribbean.”  Inexplicata is run through the Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

The farmer is completely baffled by the appearance of several dead cattle on his land, and quickly after first seeing the cattle approached Dr. Patricio Norman in the hopes that he could ascertain the source of the killings.  As is the case so often with cattle mutilation mysteries, Dr. Norman noticed several anomalous things about the corpses, but could come up with no natural or man-made means of perpetrating such a crime. After the incident was documented, Dr. Normal sent a photograph of the dead animals to Fenomenas Misteriosos.  The incident was documented and has been listed as a new case of cattle mutilation.

Typically, cases of cattle mutilation are suspected to be perpetrated by a technology level far higher than what the general public knows.  It is with this in mind that many take particular note of mysterious flying lights over the areas where cattle mutilations are later found, and a serious inquiry has gone into the possibility that these incidents may be actually perpetrated by aliens, or even government agencies with unknown intentions.

The phenomenon of cattle mutilation has been around since at least 1967 when Snippy the horse was found killed with its heart and brain missing and an area of higher intensity radiation spotted nearby.  As time went on, other unexplainable events would appear from time to time until around the 1990’s when cattle mutilation was a full blown phenomenon.

One of the leading researchers in the area has been Linda Moulton Howe whose research has compiled hundreds of papers on the subjects after producing her award winning documentary “A Strange Harvest.”  Other prominent researchers trying to crack the case of this mysterious phenomenon are varied and the conclusions both to the source and the motivation of this mysterious phenomenon are as varied as the incidents themselves.

Cattle blood is similar to human blood in many respects, calling attention to the fact that many animals once discovered are completely exsanguinated.  The process of transferring animal blood to a human patient is known as Xenograft.  If animals were taken for whatever reason and drained of blood, this blood could then be used in medical research intended to benefit or study the effects of pathogens on humans.  Additionally, they could be used to supplement blood needed for transfusions.  Even so, it’s impossible to ascertain exactly who or what is doing this and why it is happening worldwide.