Celebrities Weigh in on 2012

In our culture we look to celebrities for everything from stock tips to beauty techniques even though they rarely have more knowledge about it than we do.  Celebrities are thought of as trusted friends who have lived lives in the public eye and therefore can be studied and noted whenever their beliefs lead them down a particularly interesting path.  And so now that a great number of celebrities are voicing their concerns over the prospect of 2012 and its potential changes, many are sitting up and taking notice.

George Lucas recently entered the public eye after an alleged conversation with Seth Rogan.  Of course the story was anecdotal (taking the form, in fact, of an anecdote in this case) and so he shared it with fans shortly thereafter.  Later, as it turns out, a spokesman with George Lucas denied this allegation as either creative license or a joke.  But if that’s not enough to start people wondering about 2012, whether Lucas believes in it or not there are several others who are definitely ready for the coming apocalypse.  Or at least hope they are.

Woody Harrelson, while conservative of the particular date, did suggest that society was heading toward major changes.  The Zombieland and 2012 star said that while he wasn’t sure just how it would happen, the political and economic forces at work seemed to be heading toward what Harrelson called a “difficult time.”  And while he did quote a few haunting soundbytes from presidents both past and current that haunted him (and indeed many others) there was still a glimmer of hope in his words that it was not too late for the world to change.

Talk show host Montell Williams is not only a believer in the subject, according to the show’s producer, he is also planning on doing at least one more show on it and even writing a book on the subject citing global changes and other events that will need to take place if humanity is to get through the future rough patch successfully.

Mel Gibson, when he was shooting for Apocalypto, suggested that the major Earth changes taking place had a striking parallel to the events taking place in our own society.  Suggesting we may be in for a difficult time, Gibson suggested the sending of troops into Iraq for no reason was comparable to human sacrifice – an interesting parallel that might require further thought at a future date.

And the long list of believers doesn’t end there.  If we are dealing with a coming change in 2012, then there will hopefully be warning signs.  But whether you believe in the changes brought on by the Mayan Calendar or believe in other changes taking place completely independent of it, one thing is for sure: the world will not be standing still until then.  If change is to happen, and if disasters are to take place we will have at least some warning if those changes come from human hands.