Chicken Killing Chupacabra in Texas Town

A string of mysterious chicken deaths leaves many wondering if the Chupacabra is anywhere to be found once again.  The mysterious monster is allegedly targeting livestock as before, and managing to somehow find its way into chicken coops where it victimizes poultry, draining it of every drop of blood before escaping into the night leaving bizarre traces that seem to point to something beyond our understanding.

Cesar Garcia moved to Horizon City from Chicago with his brother in law Juan Miranda a few years ago, enjoying the slower pace of the area and the vast amounts of country air surrounding.  Unfortunately, they also found a mysterious creature had also been enjoying the countryside, and stopping by their farm for a snack in the mean time.  It all started when their rabbits started hiding huddled in their pens, never daring to come out.  Then their cats started acting strangely as well, retreating to the roof for the weekend.  When the dogs stopped barking and likewise went into hiding, Cesar knew something was wrong.

Then they found the chicken coop, and their fears were confirmed.  Something had slaughtered a considerable number of them.  But there was no blood.  The chickens just lay there, completely exsanguinated.  Two small puncture wounds were present at the back of each dead chicken.  After the second night, the total tally of dead chickens was more than thirty.

In El Paso the phenomenon of Chupacabra has been popping up since the mid nineties.  The story owes its heritage to Puerto Rico where the creature is alleged to have started its reign of terror.  The Chupacabra officially looks like a hunched over bipedal creature with scales, a spiky plume on its back and head, and fangs which it uses to puncture its victims and drink their blood.  Another image of the creature says it’s merely a dog-like creature that looks essentially like a regular short-haired greyhound or similar short-hair breed with mange.  Experts in chupacabra folklore say the dog with mange is more likely something else that has merely been given the chupacabra moniker, and that the real chupacabra has never been captured, even though it was allegedly shot many times by angry farmers.

“Imagine if I had my goats,” Cesar said to local newspapers after the incident.  He’s currently trying to cope with the loss of his livestock by reinforcing fences and trying to protect against the mysterious creature.  Still, others say Cesar’s plight if a case of mass hysteria and that the chickens died by natural means.  Confounding this explanation was the discovery of tracks by Cesar and police after the incident.  And if it got away, that means the Chupacabra is still out there somewhere around Horizon City, and if the creature is real, it will be looking for fresh blood before too much time has passed.  Will this hunger for fresh blood lure it into the trap of some intrepid crypto hunter?  Or will more farmers become victim to this horror lurking in the shadows?