Chupacabra Goat Sucker


El Chupacabra – Means “the goat sucker” in Spanish.

It is so called because of the way it sucked all the blood from Puerto Rican goats. The Chupacabra has been leaving fear in its tracks for many years now.

First spotted in Puerto Rico in 1994, the Chupacabra has since migrated off the island and has recently been spotted in many locations including South America as well as the US. Although it was named because of its choice of goat-blood as a meal, the Chupacabra has reportedly attacked and devoured the blood of a wide variety of animals including dogs and sheep. As far as it is known, there have yet to be any human fatalities.

Due to the distinct technique the strange animal has of killing its prey, it is very easy to tell if the Chupacabra was involved in an animals death. Animals are found with puncture wounds in their neck and most of their blood removed. Often, the victim’s organs have disappeared even though the only wound is a small hole in the animal’s neck. Reports of laser-like cuts on the victim’s ears are also common. Although some people say they have seen the Chupacabra’s tracks, in many cases there are no signs of blood or tracks around the dead animals.


It is hard to describe the appearance of El Chupacabra because sightings greatly differ. Most say it is either grey or green. Some say it has a large lizard-like tongue, others say it has wings.

A bipedal creature (one that stands upright like a human), the Chupacabra has had many sightings where its height was reported to be anywhere from 3 and 6 feet tall. Some say it walks, some say it flies, and some say it has a kangaroo hop.


Like the descriptions of El Chupacabras’ appearance, people’s ideas of its origin widely vary. Many say it’s a new species, or a relative to the panther. More eccentric scholars say it is a dinosaur or an alien, or even some believe it to be a form of experiment escaped from a laboratory. Another theory is that there is a portal to another dimension that stretches from Puerto Rico across to South America.

So the question to be asked is, “Does El Chupacabra truly exist???”