Chupacabra Terrorizes Siberian Village

Something has been attacking the livestock around a small village in Siberia.  The village, named Novosibirsk, was once a peaceful community of farmers and livestock herders before their dreams were shattered one June morning.  Livestock started appearing with their necks in odd positions and their throats punctured with all the blood drained from their bodies.

With so much fear surrounding the legendary chupacabra, it seems almost impossible to pinpoint just how far spread this creature’s reign of terror has spread.  Siberia was once considered a hub for paranormal activity.  And although it was always connected with strange occurrences and a sort of pilgrimage for those attempting to unearth the dark mysteries of the unknown, it was never directly associated with the Chupacabra directly.  In 2010 there were few references to the chupacabra, and most of these were nothing more than jokes about how they didn’t exist in the area.

The events all started around two in the morning when the daughter of one of the local farmers noticed the family dog barking in the darkness outside of their home.  As the seconds turned to minutes and finally some time had passed, the dog stopped barking and began a haunting screaming howl.  The next day the family went outside and noticed one of the goats had been drained of blood in a fashion very similar to that of the mysterious chupacabra.  As they searched the area they found no evidence of the creature or any people in the area.  Little did they know it was only the beginning.

After that other witnesses started coming forward saying their livestock had been similarly attacked and drained of blood.  The mystery of who could be behind such a mysterious series of attacks was never discovered.  And as authorities were contacted to do something about the phantasmal menace to the area, the authorities said they would not be able to solve this mystery with the equipment they had.

Why would the chupacabra, or a creature much like it, suddenly make its home in the forbidden wastes of Siberia after such a long leave of absence?  How could such a creature that normally exists in the warmer climates of south America and the American southwest also survive some of the harshest climates known to mankind?  And furthermore what would motivate a single or species of creature to move farther north?  In 2009 climatologists noted that Siberia’s summers are getting hotter and their winters are getting milder.  While they’re still considerably cold, there are areas in Siberia where few people travel, giving rise to more than a few stories of travelers being lost and mysterious creatures appearing.  It is also has one of the highest UFO sighting to population ratio of any country in the world.  But whether this is a creature that is actually appearing to wreak havoc on farmers’ property or is nothing more than a natural force we have not yet explored is something that will likely rage on long after the “creature” returns to the foggy wastes it came from.