Colorado Cattle Mutilations

The Costilla County Sheriff’s department is perplexed by a series of cattle mutilations in southern Colorado.  The grisly deaths of several calves is being investigated, but no suspects have been named thus far.  The Sheriff has made no official statement regarding the strange deaths of cattle in the area aside from, “There’s really nothing to go by”¦ I can’t figure it out.”  This is the most recent incidence of a phenomena that has been occurring for several years.

As with similar incidents of this type, no footprints, vehicle tracks, or signs of human life were discovered around the scene of the crime.  No coyote tracks were present, or tracks of any type of predator for that matter.  In addition, predators normally leave telltale bite marks all over carcasses and drag their kills around in an attempt to tear flesh from bone.  Unlike the typical animal attack, there was no blood present at the scene of the slaughter.  All internal organs were removed from the ribcage, though the ribcage itself was only partially exposed.  One calf’s tongue had been removed.

Because there was no blood, investigators are doubting a person butchered the cattle.  In addition, motivation for such an act seems unlikely.  Unlike a typical slaughter, there were no signs of what actually killed the cattle.  In addition to this, cattle ranchers are questioning what the motivation of slaughter under the cover of darkness could be.

Several theories have been proposed about the cattle mutilation phenomenon in general.  Some say the phenomenon could be the work of insects who exsanguinate the cattle after they die of natural causes, and remove the internal origins while somehow managing to leave no trace of their presence behind.  This theory is heavily questioned, as insects devour deceased corpses all the time without being called cattle mutilations.  It’s clear the phenomenon is not following the conventions of other traditional deaths.

One prominent theory of the past pointing to cattle mutilations is that the acts are being perpetrated by cults of unknown origin  These cults, led by shadowy masters, extract internal organs for use in their rituals, drink blood, and leave no trace of their presence in the area.  Although it wasn’t the case in the most recent cattle mutilations, in the past unborn calves have been extracted entirely leaving no sign anywhere nearby.

Still, the most popular theory behind cattle mutilations is that they are possibly being performed by aliens.  The hundreds of UFO sightings in the area in the past few months only serves to fuel this aspect of the UFO cattle mutilation connection.  Some say organs are being harvested as well as blood for genetic testing purposes or possibly for alien consumption.  Of course the specifics behind cattle mutilation (ie “why” it’s happening) is largely outside of what we’re able to understand at this point.  Interestingly enough, however, Cow’s blood is similar enough to human blood that it has been used to create Hemopure, which can be used in human transfusions.  What has been causing the cattle mutilation phenomena?  Perhaps this most recent incident will shed some light on the phenomenon.