Communicating with the DEAD

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Communicating with the Dead using the principle of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

In a stunning breakthrough, two different teams of researchers, one in the US and the other in Germany, have both developed devices that let them talk with the dead.

So far, they are said to have actually held conversations with at least nine “dead” people.

Konstantin Raudive did much original work in this area which has been carried on by Dr. Walter Uphoff, George Meek and the Fishbach family of Germany.

“This is undeniable proof that there is life after death,” declared Dr. Ernst Senkowski, Professor of Physics at the Technical College of Bingen, West Germany.

“They have shown us wit, personality, memory and an active mind. They are as much ‘alive’ now as when they had physical bodies.

Researcher George Meek, director of the MetaScience Foundation in Franklin, N.C. says, “Our findings give us undeniable proof that the dead ARE TRYING to contact us.”

On both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, researchers have found that the dead tell the same story: In the spirit world, there is no concept of time or distance and no need for food. Spirits can observe the living and perform such feats as reading books without opening them.

The electronic devices are similar to ham radios, except that they receive 13 different frequencies at once. “The voices of the dead are about twice the speed of normal human speech and they have a rhythm that is different from our own – almost a flat monotone,” explained researcher Meek.

And in Germany, Dr. Senkowski said that of the four dead people he’s talked with, “one is a Hamburg dockmaster who died in 1965. We verified this information. He told us that he was well and happy.”

“Another is a Hamburg steam engineer who died in 1959. He told us to give greetings to his wife, calling her by the special nickname, ‘Little Dwarf.’ And when we gave her the message, she told us it was a very personal nickname known only to her and her husband. She took it as proof that the person who contacted us was indeed her dead husband.”

The dead have given Dr. Senkowski details of the afterlife, “I once tried to arrange a 3 PM conversation with one,” he said. “He told me that was impossible because he had no concept of time or distance.” And one day Dr. Senkowski received a bizarre communication from a female spirit. “I was wearing a gold chain around my neck rather than the silver one I usually wear,” he recalled.

“Then suddenly a young women’s voice spoke through the machine. ‘There is a gold chain around your neck today – not a silver one’, she said. “I have been observing you.”

Meek’s team developed a radio based system which they call SPIRICOMM. It used a medium (psychically sensitive) with technical skills to operate an electronic arrangement which produced 13 simultaneous audio signals.

The “departed” can somehow suppress those signals in such a fashion as to generate intelligible speech. As the machine was being tuned for the best operation, the technician was being “guided” by voice from the other side. A most interesting arrangement.

One of the spirits Meek’s team has talked to some 25 times identifies himself as Dr. George J. Mueller, an electrical engineer who died in 1967 of a heart attack.

“Dr. Mueller told us where to find his birth and death certificate records. He told us he graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Engineering and that he taught there,” said Meek.

Amazingly, according to records at Cornell, what Mueller said was true.

Dr. Mueller told the researchers to read pages 66 and 67 from the book, “Introduction to Electronics” that he’d written in 1947, said Meek, who found that ‘pages 66 and 67 were an overall view of what man had done and what he could do in electronics. And it related directly to our breakthrough! Dr. Mueller also told us that in the spirit world each person can assume the outer appearance of any time in his or her life.’

Dr. Mueller also told the researchers that he no longer felt any need for food, and that he could read any page that he wanted in any book just by looking through the book’s cover. He told us that he was happy and we should not fear death, and that he has friends in the afterlife.

And Dr. William Tiller, full Professor of Material Sciences at Stanford University and a Visiting Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Delaware, added, “My feeling is that this development should start a series of breakthroughs in afterlife research.”

Further information which we of Vangard Sciences found of interest was a comment made by a “departed” technician relating to how they can manipulate energy.

Since there is no physical matter on their level, all they have to work with is energy. By causing the energy to flow in a vortex, it naturally achieves a focal point which allows action to occur from their level to our physical level.

The technician stated that they were still learning how to “tap the spiral” which shows that the ever tightening spiral segments increase in power as they condense toward the center or focal point.

Mr. Meek’s contacts state that they have groups (of departed entities) some with up to 200 participants trying to help devise a reliable system for DIRECT COMMUNICATION.

In a phone conversation with George about 3 years ago, he said they were getting phenomenal information relating to a wide range of new technologies.

The last we heard was that MetaScience was working on a device for direct VISUAL INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION with the “dead”.

Two other excellent workers in this field are our friends Walter and Mary Jo Uphoff with the New Frontiers Center. They have an excellent newsletter and travel widely to keep up on the latest research.

Walter gave a presentation to the 1988 7th Int’l Psychotronics Association meeting in Georgia in which he showed videos of work done by the Fishbachs of Germany. These showed how they had actually received images on a TV screen from departed entities.

In a private conversation with Walter, he graciously showed us a schematic of how the German video system is setup. He kindly gave us a copy of the diagram with German labels which he translated.

Ron recently received a short letter from Mary Jo Uphoff informing us that Walter had taken ill. He was hospitalized at the time of the writing (June 90) and not doing too well. We hope Walter recovers as quickly and fully as possible.

Mary Jo continues that the New Frontiers newsletter would be on hold for a short while until Walter gets better. Back issues are available however.

If you would like to experiment in this area, we will provide a very basic description of how to do simple EVP work.

The original discovery came when a naturalist in Europe was making magnetic tape recordings in a wooded area. When playing the tape back, he heard strange high pitched whining, which, when amplified turned out to be almost intelligible phrases in several different languages.

Modern techniques developed by Konstantin Raudive use a regular tape recorder with a germanium diode as the ONLY AUDIO INPUT. Take a 1N914 germanium diode from Radio Shack and solder it to a plug made to fit the MIC input.

When plugged into the jack and the volume is turned up to the highest it will go, the diode apparently will pickup up a very wide range of frequencies.

These frequencies are modulated by the “departed entities” so that careful listening to the playback will yield some form of intelligible phrase. Of course, there are several ways to enhance the intelligibility.

These include slowing down the tape and various forms of filtering using an equalizer.

This is the basis of the original EVP experiments.

The unit MetaScience worked on went through several modifications of which we have only limited information at this time (Mark IV). We know that 13 audio frequency generators (individually tuneable) were all powered on at the same time.

As we understand it, the technician must be sensitive to departed entities and can adjust (optimize) the precise frequency (thus the relationships) as guided by the entity whom he knows to be present and speaking.

We understand that there have been improvements with the use of a carrier frequency in the range of 47 MHz, but we have no further data on this.

Dr. Uphoff gave us a diagram for visual imaging of the “dead”. As we understand it, when the camera is turned onto the TV and continually recycled through the VCR, within about 50 passes it begins to become sensitive to modulation by outside agencies.

Pictures of Romi Schneider (famous German actress), Albert Einstein and other entities, including many family members of the experimenters have appeared and been captured on the videotape in the VCR.

The experiment must be carried out under conditions conducive to minimal disturbances and not hostile to results.

As we understand this, Keely referred to the establishment of what he termed a “Sensitized Centre”.

This was a stable geometric form, either in matter or energy which when so differentiated (optimal energy transference) became subject to extremely small outside stimuli. This of course would be the nature of emanations radiated from “discarnate entities”.