Could Violent Attacks by Wild Animals be Increasing Worldwide?

Amidst celebrations of the mass sacrifice taking place in Nepal dozens of news stories of animals attacking humans have arisen in the past three weeks.  While there may be a connection here or not, the dozens of attack reports have suddenly increased in intensity.  Could this be the manifestation of a form of collective consciousness?  Or is it merely coincidence mixed with environmental changes as we encroach more on the natural habitat of these creatures?

The string of animal attacks began earlier last month, when coyote attacks resulted in the death of an aspiring Canadian singer.  As they increased in ferocity and boldness some were fearing the destruction of their natural habitat was to blame.  Coyotes, which are normally peaceful creatures that stray away from humans, carried out another attack on a boy in Tennessee just near Gainesville that prompted officials to decry these attacks as mere anomalies.  Meanwhile residents of Dallas Texas have been on the lookout for several coyotes who have been attacking pets throughout the area.

In the Northern Territory 6,000 feral camels have begun the methodical task of terrorizing villagers in one community.  People are afraid to leave their houses for fear of the wild camels attacking them or trampling them underfoot.  The camels have even turned on one another, and reports are that camel carcasses are piling up in the streets.  The plague of camels has reached national attention as residents are considering evacuation, but fear traveling anywhere on foot would result in deadly trampling and vehicular transportation is not an option.

In Koppal India 27 people were hospitalized on the 23rd as an unidentified animal went on a rampage throughout the village attacking people seemingly at random.  No one has identified the animal thus far, and it is unknown if the creature will return to visit more sorrow on the village it attacked.  Thus far the 27 injured will require medical treatment for a week, but none are considered in danger at the moment as wounds were mostly superficial.

An Australian man was attacked by a Kangaroo who slashed at him repeatedly with its hind claws as he attempted to intervene as the kangaroo was going to drown his pet dog on the 22nd.  Though his injuries were serious, he was treated by Victoria State paramedics and was hospitalized.  He’s currently in stable condition.  The man was declared lucky to have survived the attack as Kangaroos are known to kill with their hind claws.

Two lions on the 19th attacked and killed a white Tiger suddenly as they escaped their own habitats and managed to reach the Tiger’s cage at the Liberec Zoo.  Reports have not stated officially how the creatures escaped or how they found the White Tiger’s area, but the unusually aggressive behavior was noted to have taken place at the same two to three week time frame as the other attacks.  It was the first such incident to ever happen at the zoo.

Why have there been so many violent animal attacks recently?  It’s still unclear, but even more noticeable than the violent nature of the attacks is the unusual frequency they’ve been happening in recent days.  Is it merely our encroachment upon their territory that has spurred the creatures to action?  Or could it be come instinctual response to a geomagnetic fluctuation we are unable to perceive?  Perhaps the collective consciousness of all living creatures is operating differently in these recent days.  Is it in response to something that has already happened?  Or could it be in anticipation to something that has yet to occur?