Creatures Terrorizing Namibia Village Kill Youth

Experts are baffled by the sudden appearance of several creatures in the area around the village of Okaku in Namibia.  The creatures were labeled a nuisance when several livestock around the village were killed, but now they have become a serious threat to the very lives of the villagers as the creatures have claimed the life of a 16 year old youth.  To date the creatures remain unidentified, despite being investigated by several officials.  There are some, however, who say the creatures were brought into being not from seasonal migration, but rather by witchcraft.

Villagers are now arming themselves and patrolling the streets in an effort to fight back the creatures after the death of a young villager who was mauled to death by the creatures and later died in Oshakati State Hospital.  The creatures have already been investigated by local conservationists, but the tracks left behind are mysterious and don’t match with any known species.  At first the Ondangwa Nature conservation group attempted to identify the tracks thinking the whole incident could be traced back to a group of feral dogs, but soon found that the creatures, while sharing some characteristics with dogs were clearly something else entirely.  The tracks, which were studied later, were followed by villagers up to a single homestead.

The homestead belonged to people in the area who have been long rumored by villagers to be practicing black magicians.  The trail, though it led directly up to the house of the old woman’s house could not be followed as the homestead’s owner walked onto the property and confronted them.  The villagers, fearing magical backlash, left the homestead and returned to their village.  Authorities were summoned, but the villagers have yet to file any formal charges due to fear of angering those on the hill further.  As the livestock population dwindles the villagers are fearing even more that their lives are getting more and more endangered.  Many are wondering how long it will be after the last of the livestock has been killed before they are next.

The creatures reportedly have dark fur, long spindly legs, fangs, and appear generally dog-like in appearance.  Are the villagers being influenced by a force beyond their understanding thanks to devilish hands working magic behind closed doors?  Or are the charges of witchcraft merely a superfluous superstition brought back from a dated time to explain a creature that both mythology and modern science are ineffective to name?  Reports of cryptids attacking humans are exceedingly rare.  In fact, stories of the paranormal actually killing anyone only come about once in a long while.

What alternative possible explanations are there for the creatures attacking the villagers?  Is it possible the creatures could be of another source?  Recently a string of UFOs were reported in the Namibian region, and the possibilities for all the possible sources for the creatures are as wild and varied as the theories behind the creatures themselves.  It seems the hunt is on, but unlike other cryptids the hunter appears to be the creature until the village can get more outside assistance.