Creepy Footage from Corn Field

Another interesting find from video sharing site Youtube comes in the form of a mysterious encounter two youths had while following up on a series of strange sounds and a brief encounter with a strange large headed entity they saw in their corn field.  As the witnesses stepped out into the field to see if they could find anything worth filming, they discovered something indeed was hanging around near them.  Just what it is, however, is anyone’s guess.

The short version of the video shows the horrifying conclusion of their encounter.  It all started when one of the teens witnessed a strange creature walking around in the corn field.  The creature was approximately six feet tall, had no hair, and a fairly large head with strange black eyes.  They waited for darkness to fall, when the creature typically came out at night, and ventured out into the field.  After close to an hour of searching passed, their flashlight beam caught something that just stood there staring at them.  Immediately they reacted by both screaming and sprinting away.  The user explains in another video that for a second one of them got their foot caught but then they continued their expeditious retreat.

So what was it?  Many users who have seen the footage suggest it could be a mask on a post or a scarecrow, but the location doesn’t appear right for either.  Scarecrows are generally placed in wide open locations up on a post so crows can see them from far away.  Other users have simply commented on the video suggesting it is creepy.  But while it’s likely too little to draw a final conclusion on what precisely this footage captures, the terror in their voices seems genuine enough to set many viewers on edge.

Is it possible a person could have wandered into their corn field and just by chance run into them?  If it’s a person, it appears to be a tall male with a bald head and strange dark eyes.  Perhaps the most terrifying element of the footage is that the figure doesn’t seem to react at all to being spotted, simply staring out as if with dead eyes.  The footage has left many users questioning whether it’s possible the figure they spotted that night was not even human because of the reported circumstances surrounding its discovery accompanied by the fact that it just seems to stare out with no emotion.

The teens were able to escape their terrifying encounter without any harm done to them and emerged with this incredibly compelling and creepy footage.  But the question will always remain.  Just what did they see that night?  If it’s a hoax, only they will ever truly know.  And if it’s something else, the footage only deepens the mystery rather than solve it.  Unlike many hoaxes, the “acting” in this footage doesn’t betray any understanding of what is truly going on.  And in the mean time, we can only view the footage and wonder just what it was they encountered in the middle of the night in the middle of this corn field.