Crop Circle Mania

A great mystery that has yet to become solved is the worldwide phenomenon dealing with crop circles, which can be described as an area of crops that has be flattened in a way that geometric patterns are formed. This is a systematic phenomenon, producing a wide variety of theories as to how these crop circles are formed, as well as by what or whom.


Some believe that energy fields or plasma vortexes create the crop circles, while there are many who feel that UFOs could have caused such a sight. The earliest record that we have describing the existence of crop circles comes from the 17th century, where a woodcut was found detailing the image of an odd creature creating circles within a field of corn. As for where crop circles originated, some researchers believe that the English countryside was the first location to exhibit crop circles. In 1966, the first real documentation came from Tully, England.


Many crop circles swept throughout Australia in 1973, where an unexplainable circular form was found in an Adelaide field of wheat. This is when the theories poured with everything from the rotating winds created the circles to kangaroos were responsible. But no concrete answer surfaced. At this time, the circles gained the nickname “saucer nests.” Soon after, seven circles were found close to Adelaide where the circles possessed varied characteristics. There were a total of 90 circles found at this location. The locals even reported that strange lights were spotted throughout the night, as well as an unnerving noise that resembled a scream.


In Switzerland, numerous circles were located in a grass field close to a farm, where the greenery was matted with a swirled pattern. This time the stalks did not appear to be broken; they were only bent. Some believe that this rules out the belief that this was all a cruel hoax. Another account occurred in 1974 Saskatchewan, where a 36-year-old man said he spotted several dome-shaped objects spin above his crops. After they departed, he then found circles throughout his field where the grass appeared flattened, but not broken or damaged. He said the dogs in the neighborhood barked like mad and a neighbor’s cattle even fled their area. This farm experienced reoccurring crop circles.


When it comes to theories, scientists debate that the crop circles were created by natural means, citing it could be a possible “mini-tornado” of electrified air. They even say that these “mini-tornados” can also create the light that is often associated with UFO “sightings” during a crop circle’s creation. Even though it is still a popular view among scientists, some find it hard to believe that this theory could create the detail and intricacy of the crop circles.


Another popular theory is that all crop circles are hoaxes. This came to light when in 1991, two individuals admitted to creating more than 250 hoaxes throughout England. Although they may have very well created these crop circles, when analyzed, they had already been deemed a hoax because of their ragged appearance. The last theory is that UFOs created the crop circles, but the reason for this is quite unknown. Whatever is causing these crop circles, you cannot just dismiss them entirely as a hoax- there are too many of them with varying patterns, popping up every year in a variety of locations.